Muffin Top Busters

I know I’m not the only one who will find these articles and exercises beneficial.

It’s not too late, the way the weather has been going on the East Coast summer is like 6 Months away lol


Love Handle Exercises – Muffin Top Exercises Women – Cosmopolitan :

Muffin Top Workout :

Get Rid Of Muffin Top – Best Exercises Muffin Top :!

Workout to Lose Love Handles – Fat-Burning Workout Routine to Lose Your Muffin Top | Shape Magazine :

The Miracle Muffin Top Workout :


I am SHE

GM! Thank you Father 4 this day!
She was always very ambitious.
She had a wealth of knowledge and ideas.

But she lacked the confidence necessary to make her dreams a reality.

Then one day she realized, if she didn’t believe in herself, no one else would.

After much soul searching, She found the answers to her questions. Prayer works wonders.

She now believes that with GOD, confidence, hard work and dedication all things are possible.

She now inspires others to realize their full potential.

I am her & SHE is ME!

Have a blessed and productive day ahead,

Che’ xoxo

#iAmShe #BlessedBeyondMeasure #FullyFocused #LegacyBuilder #GameChanger


Life Changes

GM! Thank you Father 4 this day!
You are the only one in charge of your life. 1 decision can alter the course of your life forever.
Using the model of thinking twice acting once, more thought should be focused on the decision making process. You only have 1 life, make wiser choices. Live your best life now.
Have a great day,
Che’ xoxo



These disorders are often dismissed because others can’t identify with them.

They are very real and can have serious affects on your quality of life, if left untreated.

Help is out there, please seek it.


Cut the CRAP

Life would be so much better
If we were to just cut out the CRAP!!!

I for one have had enough!!!