Pre Shower Workout

GM All! I came across this super quick workout that I thought I’d share!

While the shower is running in the morning I do this!

Yes, even I can make time for this quick 2 minute workout, you can too!

Che’ xoxo


Best & Worst Foods

Someone passed this list onto me,
Now I’m passing it onto you!

Che’ xoxo


Tone & Tighten your butt in 7 days!

Do you desire a toned, tighter butt?

Follow this exercise regimen to achieve optimal results!
Remember to stretch prior to beginning any work out.
Drink lots of water to stay hydrated!

Here’s to a beautiful, bountiful & bootyful new you!

Che’ xoxo


Resolutions 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Every year without fail, I hear others making their New Years Resolutions.
Some are realistic, others, well… Not so much…

Some vow to lose weight, eat healthy, exercise, get a better job etc…
While others vow to become rich, travel the world, or gain some other material possession.

Which is all well and good.


The confusion is, why must you wait for a certain date to implement these changes?

Why not make the necessary changes as the need arises?

Don’t get me wrong I understand that the New Year is Symbolic of change & all things good. But you simply cannot expect these changes to come to fruition simply because of a date.

Thoughts without actions are just wishful thinking!

Commit to being a work in progress, living your best life & being the best you possible!

Change your mindset and that’s the only resolution you’ll ever need!

My motto is I CAN & I WILL!

I am committed, 365/6, 24/7.

Faith works wonders, have some!

I wish you all the best,
May you find favor at every juncture,

Peace & Divine Guidance,
Che’ xoxo



Do you suffer from Headaches?
Many of us do and at times aren’t sure if it’s a migraine or not.
Many neglect to get it checked out. If you have severe headaches that occur frequently, you may be suffering from migraines, cluster or tension headaches.
Often Migraines are an early indicator of something more serious like a brain tumor or mass.
I’ve listed a few of the typical symptoms of a brain tumor, as well as those of the different types of headaches.

Pain isn’t normal. Seek the advice of a doctor of neurologist.

I’ve also enclosed a link for your review.

Be well,
Che’ xoxo



24 Day Ab Challenge


Whose with me???

#Abs #GetFit #LookGood #FeelBetter

RIP Nelson Mandela

The World lost a true Hero today.

Nelson Mandela can only be classified as a modern day hero.

He believed, received and achieved.

He definitely made his mark on this World and for that we are eternally grateful.

May his legacy live long & strong!

RIP Sir, you were a class act,

Condolences to out to his family, friends & loved ones.




Understanding Obamacare


I found this quite humorous, because this is how many feel but aren’t brave enough to admit it!

For those that aren’t quite sure what Obamacare is I have compiled a list of resources for you to browse through to get s better idea of how it may benefit you and or your family.

I have also enclosed the official link to sign up!

Hope this helps!