Know your rights when stopped

In the age where human life is being blatantly disregarded and innocent, unarmed individuals are being callously gunned down in the street by the Police, it’s important to know your rights.

Whenever I get stopped, after turning my car off and removing the keys from my ignition, I place my keys in plain sight then I activate my video recorder.

Here are some Important points to note:

First and foremost, be respectful, there is nothing worse that being an agitator! Remember they have guns, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of a bullet!

1. You CAN ask why you’re being stopped.
” May I ask why I’m being stopped?”

2. You CAN refuse to have your vehicle searched.
” I do not consent to any searches”.

3. You CAN film and or record the stop and questioning.
(Though they’ll say you can’t)

4. You have the right to refuse to answer any questions.
Please use this right!


Most will be nervous, as is your right, but keep your mouth shut, you may say something that can be used against you!!!

5. You have the right to ask if you’re being detained.
Ask “Am I being detained? Or am I free to go?” of they say you’re not being detained, you can leave, if they say you are being detained, keep your mouth shut. You are under no obligation to say anything else.

Please be safe out there.

Not every police officer you encounter will be bad, there are some who take their oath to protect & serve very seriously!


Happy Fathers Days


Happy Father’s Day to ALL of the Males making a difference in the lives of children, biological or inherited.

We Salute you.

Love & support for those struggling to find their way.
Try your best, that’s all anyone can ask.

To those that don’t, hopefully you will see the error of you ways and come around. It’s never too late.

Enjoy your day guys!


I’ve always had big dreams. My dreams are vivid & larger than life.
At this point in my life I’m in the execution phase…
Watching my dreams come to fruition is amazing. For that I am eternally grateful.
Thank you Father for bestowing upon me the vision, ambition and knowledge necessary to implement and execute my dreams…
Live your best life. Live your dream, not someone else’s…
Have a blessed & productive day ahead,
Che’ xoxo
#BlessedBeyondMeasure #FullyFocused #LegacyBuilder #Visionary #DreamCatcher


Appreciate the Rain

Often we associate great things with Sunny Skies.
Never once stopping to think that the Rain produces equally positive results.

Were it not for the rain, plants couldn’t grow, thereby limiting food, creating a drought, limiting quality air supply etc.
Many times we miss the forest for the trees.

Take a deeper look into things.
Actually scratch the surface to see that taking things at face value isn’t always advisable.

With any situation a careful assessment should be conducted before arriving at a conclusion.
Judging a book by it’s cover is often misleading.

So learn to appreciate the rain.
Just think of the beautiful rainbow that appears after the storm 😃
It does get greater later.

A Rainbow is the promise of a bigger, better, brighter tomorrow!

I’m looking forward to mine, are you?

Enjoy your day!

Che’ xoxo

Support system


The Love & Support from the right Source can mean EVERYTHING!!!
Team work makes the dream work!!!
Let’s build an Empire, Leaving a Legacy got our heirs & theirs!

Che’ xoxo