Full Moon Release Modupe! I hope everyone is having a great day! Tonight’s Full Moon known as “The Harvest Moon” is a great time to release anything that no longer serves your greater good. Examples of things that can be released are Fear, Doubt, Negativity, Self Limiting thoughts & actions, Debt, Poverty, unhealthy attachments and or actions etc. Write them out and read it aloud in the Moonlight. You can begin your release by stating “ I ( Your Name) release ( State what you wish to release) (Read from list). Once complete you can burn your list in a fire proof receptacle , releasing the ashes to the wind. Optionally Claim the things you are welcoming and claiming into your life. State positive affirmations such as “ I am worthy of all things good” “I am able and available to accept ( state your desires)”, “ I attract abundance and opportunity effortlessly “ etc ( Speak from your heart ) The key is to release what you don’t want and claim all that you do! Thank the Universe for the blessings that are coming to you. Asé ✨✨✨ What are you releasing tonight?


Get Ready!

Ekaaro, Peace & Grand Rising!

I am grateful for life!

It is advisable to approach the unfamiliar with caution.

Careful thought should be put into decision making process.

However, over thinking can lead to unjust limitations being set.

Thoughts of a negative nature will surely yield similar results.

Remain optimistic; keep a positive out look, believe that with hard work and determination you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Believing is half of the battle…

Keep your Vibrations high & your belief higher!

The only shot you’re guaranteed to miss is the one you didn’t take!

Feed your faith & starve your fear!

Let go of your self limiting doubts and think of all the amazing things that you can accomplish!

Envision yourself in that new job, performing well, earning bonuses & promotions; think of the new home; the new car; the vacations that this opportunity can afford you.

You are 1 positive thought away from changing your life.

It all starts with 1.

That 1 positive thought, 1 positive action, 1 life changing decision.

Are you ready to take that leap?

Faith works wonders, have some today!

May all of your Manifestations come to fruition💫💫💫

Your destiny awaits,


Processing the pain

Peace & Grand Rising!I am grateful for life!

There are certain situations that leave us confused, hurt and lost.

The Hurt & pain can be indescribable.

  We are in need of answers…

We just can’t figure out what went wrong…

Often the answers we seek were evident before the question was ever formed… If only we’d acknowledge and accept it.

Some things just weren’t meant to be…

Stop breathing life into dead situations.

Give yourself permission to heal.

Forgive yourself for believing in the wrong people; that it was the best that you could do; that it was destined to be.

Forgive yourself.

You are human, you make mistakes, you will learn from them.

Life will go on.

You will be well.

There is better available to and for you.

You deserve better.

You are open; available and receptive to all forms of love; acceptance & abundance.
Peace & Divine Guidance 

Che’ xoxo

Oya – The Dark Goddess of Storms, Destruction and Change of the Yoruba People

Oya is the Dark Mother Goddess of Storms and Destruction of the Yoruba People in West Africa as well as the Americas. [1] In Africa She is associated with the river Niger and in Brazil with the Ama…

Source: Oya – The Dark Goddess of Storms, Destruction and Change of the Yoruba People

Oya and Shango and Oya

Orisha Oya

The Seven Worlds

Oya and Shango - CKOya, Yansa
From Soulmindbody, 2010

Wind in her hair
Lightning in her eyes
Storms in her voice
And thunder in her thighs!

Sacred number: 9
Sacred colors: Brown, orange, purple, arterial blood red, deep red, burgundy, maroon, rainbow plus black, brown, and white
Symbols and Embodiments: Storms, wind, whirlwinds, hurricanes, storm and/or disease vector symbols, chaos symbol (cross of two or four arrows) with whirlwind (tapering zigzag), more symbols below…

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It’s sad that in 2016 we are faced with the fact that a large majority of the population think that it is ok and should be acceptable the way at black people are being treated.

Being gunned down by the very people put in place to protect you? How can you feel safe?

What happened to our rights?

Black own businesses are being targeted and shutdown! Boycotting establishments that continue to foster a negative, racist environment is the only to be acknowledged. Make them feel it in their pockets!

We are HUMAN!

This country cared more about a damned Gorilla!

Marching and Rioting puts us in harms way, increasing the likelihood of us being falsely arrested and possibly killed, becoming yet another statistic.

We can’t even protest on private property without the law encroaching on our rights and arresting us.

Hit them where it hurts!

Black Lives & Dollars Matter #BlackLivesMatter #BlackDollarsMatter #BlackOpinionsMatter