For someone who complains about my driving my mom always seems to want to ride with me! As if my nerves aren’t bad enough, she sits in the front and steps on the virtual brake everytime she sees fit!ī–

I’ve told her on numerous occasions, sit in the back or pop something to calm her nerves!

1 time I pulled over and told her she was driving since she had so much to say! She didn’t speak to me for a week! What a peaceful week that was!ī…

Now she’s complaining about my choice of Music…. GRRRRRR


One thought on “Ridin’

  1. This is hilarious! My mom does the same exact thing!!She tells me how the speed limit ALL the time, and then tells me that my music needs to be turned down more. I’m like Mom, could you please chill out, it will be ok lol

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