Awwwwww man

I feel so bad when I have to kick my kids out of my bed.

The times that I’ve let my conscience get the best of me left me in pain!

Sleeping with them is like having a Taebo work out with Billy Blanks on Speed!

Last week my daughter kicked me in the face while her brother elbowed me in the neck!

Workouts of that variety are not welcome in my bed.

Thanks but no thanks!

I often wind up in their beds, which once they realize I’m not in my bed with them, they come find me and proceed to get in whatever bed I’m in.

Well it wasn’t happening for them tonight. I promptly marched their butts to bed.
Not that I won’t wakeup with one of them in my bed anyway, but you gotta be fair and send them both to their rooms. Lolz.

I’ll need full body armour to endure a night wirh them. Smfh.

Anyhooo that’s my last rant of the night, well at least I think so, but who ever know with me….

Peace & Divine Guidance,



One thought on “Awwwwww man

  1. aww thats cute though

    .. see, i have a four year old brother – and last night, i wanted to snuggled with him.. and for an hour – he was excited.. and then he legit told me to go to my own bed.


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