Ever wonder?

Ever wonder why some people go out of their way to mind your business?

I have often wondered what this phenomenon was all about, I mean seriously, why be so caught up with my life, that you spend every waking moment obsessing about it…

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking…  I understand that this seems narcissistic but its one of those “had to be there type things.”

I wish I could actually broadcast segments of my life, they are wayyyyyyy better than any soap opera, please believe this is not an exaggeration…

This topic brings to mind Mariah Carey’s ever so annoying song Why you so Obsessed (Hate it!) Grrrrrrrrr

I’m concerned,  if you have that much time and energy to focus on me I would think its safe to assume that you have nothing going for you, hence the reason for this obsessive behavior.

There is absolutely no reason what so ver to keep a  running commentary about what I so, whom I speak to, what I tweet about, what I wear, my current hairstyle or what the fuck ever I may choose to do!

It’s my prerogative and I fully intend to exercise it!

Set some Goals for yourself, Realize & Surpass them!

Use me as your role model if you must.

Indeed I have set quite a track record, so if you are so intent on emulating me,  embody my catch phrase “Get Like Me”!

You’ve seen many of my pet projects .  Thats not even a fraction of what I do. I make it happen. I specialize in results.

Strive for excellence. Reach for the Stars! I am!

So in conclusion I say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Che’ is often imitated,  but can NEVER be Duplicated!

The Grind doesn’t stop and neither will I !

Peace & Divine Guidance,



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