Time passes by…

Is there a defect on how I’m wired?
Is this why I’m always so tired?

Please Lord, just give me a sign,
As to how to fix this heart of mine,

Try and try and try as I might,
I sometimes don’t have the energy to fight,

So please tell me what I should do,
It’d be done if only I knew,

At times I wish to end this pain,
Before it could ever return again,

Simply put my heart is malfunctioning,
I know that soon I’ll be transitioning,

Truly I’m at peace with just 1 fear,
The hurt and pain my kids will bear,

Sooner or later, it’ll be my time to go,
I need for my kids to always know,

That though I’ll be absent in the physical,

I’ll always be here in the spiritual,

I will love my children forever and ever,
My greatest accomplishment was being their mother…

Jamiyl, Je’land and Ja’dé I will love you all Forever and a day…

Jada & Jaden RIP My Angels 5.26.07


5 thoughts on “Time passes by…

  1. *tear* my daughter’s name is jada…your jada and jayden are watching over you. they are safe in HIS arms.

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