If Tomorrow Never Comes….

If tomorrow never comes,
I will definitely miss the Sun,
Miss the Birds and the Trees,
Miss my Children loving me…

I’ll think of the things I didn’t say,
Wishing I could find a way,
To right every last wrong,
Should have fixed it before I’m gone…

Mend every last broken fence,
Restore to what it was once,
Way back and long before,
We ever opened the wrong door…

And created such a disaster,
Remove it from our lives forever,
Should I die before I wake,
Take a look at what’s at stake…

A lifetime filled with animosity,
All because you’re mad at me,
So I’ll right the wrongs I can today,
Think hard I can find a way…

In case I don’t see tomorrow,
My heart won’t be filled with sorrow,
If I should lose my fight,
Know I’ve done what’s right…

I’ll know that my conscience is clear,
Free of any burdens to bear,
From the very bottom of my heart,
It’s not by choice that I depart…

It’s what the Almighty saw fit,
It’s destined we can’t contest it,
Know that I’ve done my best,
Now in Peace I hope to rest…



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