Love the Skin you’re in

Okay so we’ve all heard the saying “age aint nothing but a number.” What do you think that means?

Lately I’ve been thinking about it alot because when someone asks me my age, I state ever so proudly, “I’m 36!” Yuuup!!!! (Trey Songz Voice!)

I haven’t lied about my age (recently : p) because quite frankly I KNOW look very good for my age! Yes, I know we’re back on that seemingly narcissistic tirade that I tend to go on (ever so often) but whatever!  You know you were thinking it!!!

Anyhoo, I see so many people that are waaaaayyyyy younger and have wayyyy less kids than I do looking like “who did it and ran!” I’m like WTFF???!!!! Now I’m by no means making fun of any one’s weight. I’m just saying wear clothing that is appropriate. If you’re a size 8 don’t squeeze into a size 4, thats not cute at all! Sheesh! I mean come the fuck on! Just because something is available in your size doesn’t meant YOU should wear it damn it!

Someone needs to invent a talking mirror, one that would keep it real 110% of the time! Hmmmmmm I may be onto something… lemme talk to my attorneys and I’ll get back to y’all, remember where you saw it 1st ( highly unlikely but like I said, whatever!)

I have body issues, yes even the great Mz Che’ has things that could use sprucing up damn it!

I’d restore my girls to their Former Glory a Full 36C, cuz I’m NOT Happy when I gotta fold those puppies to fit into the damn cup lmafooo!!!

(40th Bday Present =)) )

I think I’ve aged gracefully ;p.  Well at least that’s what I’ve been told and to be honest, I definitely believe it.

As  women of a certain age we need to understand that not every cut, style or fabric will be right for our body shape and size.

At my heaviest I weighed in at 180lbs and no I wasn’t pregnant. I was a 12 pushing a 14. I looked great! I just felt lousy as fuck! The extra weight had me feeling like I was moving in slow mo all the time. So I made up my very own diet. I ate salads,  lots of fish, chicken, steak etc (Protein) no bread nor pasta (Carbs) and LOTSSSSSSSS of water. I had Salads with any and everything imaginable. Within 3 weeks I dropped 15 lbs! I was Souped! Little did I know it had less to do with my new regimen than the Thyroid malfunction that had gone undetected for so long!

After a series of lab work ups it was unearthed that I had an underactive thyroid. Now mind you, prior to my ballooning to 180lbs I had never been able to gain weight, except during my pregnancies. My normal weight range was 125ish…

Hypothyroidism was the name “they” assigned to the condition. I was always tired, irritable (when am  I not ?) had muscle aches, insomnia, and depression.

Check out a list of Hypothyroidism symptoms here

I got on a course of meds to “even” it out, now I am classified as having Hyperthyroidism.  My metabolism is now SUPER Fast, everything about me is fast! lolz (Perfect excuse for my fast talking ass!)

Check out a list of Hyperthyroidism symptoms here

If you are experiencing a combination of these symptoms have your doctor check it out. A simple blood test can tell if your hormones are out of whack.

Very recently I started gaining weight and I am ecstatic! I am now a very proud 150lbs, standing at 5 ‘8! Yeah Buddy! I eat right so I can stay healthy. No Salt, decreased my Sugar intake, cut down on Red meat, frequent exercise.

If only I could do a damn backflip! I would most def youtube that sucker! lmaoooo

But I ranted about that to state love the skin you’re in! As long as you are healthy. I may look like I have the whole Model vibe going on but TRUST ME, I really don’t!

It’s all about the packaging!

That’s definitely a market I’ve cornered! I can present you with crud and have you thinking is a precious commodity! lmaooo

If you go with the saying “Everything ain’t for everyone” you’ll be okay.

There are fashions I’d love to wear but can’t nor shouldn’t. Just because they make it in my size does not mean I should wear it or that it’ll look right on me. I know and understand that! Why don’t a lot of others?

Keep it real with yourself! The worst person to lie to is yourself!

I keep it brutally honest! If you’re around me you know, if you don’t look right I’ll tell you. Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to hurt your feelings but I will not sugarcoat it either. Would you rather your friend tell you that you don’t look right vs a stranger who doesn’t care about your feelings, making fun of you?

So in conclusion I’ll say, regardless of who you are or think you are, no one is perfect. Work with what you have. Make the best of it. I certainly do! =))

This has been yet another installment of rantings of a bipolar chick aka Bipolar boo….

Until I feel the need to rant again, I remain…

Hopelessly Bipolar…;-)

Peace & Divine Guidance


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