Be Strong

This is dedicated to any and every woman whose ever been heartbroken and stayed…

Be strong , when you feel all alone,

Sitting staring at the phone,

Wondering what will come next,

Though your spirit is vexed,

Remember way back when,

He was your very best friend,

All the good times you’ve had,

Think of that when you’re sad,

It’ll put a smile on your face,

You’ll remember your rightful place,

You are his beautiful Queen,

Though he may falter in between,

The good times and bad,

You’re the best thing he’s had,

While he may not always show,

His love, he definitely knows,

That through it all,

You’ve always stood tall,

He remembers the vows he made,

But I think that he is afraid,

To not be viewed as a man,

But instead as a good husband,

He is happy that you stayed,

Through every game he played,

So please put it all in the past,

But let him know its the very last,

Time you’ll forgive any infidelity,

May you live forever happily,

Give him one last shot,

To appreciate the blessing that he’s got.

All the best that life has to offer,

You deserve Happiness forever…



3 thoughts on “Be Strong

  1. Thank you. that was beautiful. a good woman ISN’T hard 2 find. the males jus have 2 OPEN THEIR EYES. u can’t turn a TRICK into a TREAT.

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