I am me…

You are just like me, what you see,

Quite simply, it’s a mirror reflection of me,

I am not perfect, very far from it,

Hate it or love it, that’s just it,

I am a woman, needing the love of a man,

Responding to his every command, right there holding his hand,

Standing by his side, hiding the hurt inside,

For him I will ride, Till the day the love dies,

So from this day on,

Trust that the love is gone,

Never to be switched back on,

Cause it’s now over and done.



One thought on “I am me…

  1. The first few lines were direct relflections of self then wen u described how you love; it is everyman’s dream is to have a woman with those feelings no matter how much we scream n rant about a woman lockin us down we all want just one

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