Whats it to you?

Okay so tonight’s rant is dedicated to the asinine dm I received a few hours ago.

Some time last week I mentioned that I had a crush on Ellen De Generes. No biggie right? I think Ellen is simply Gorgeous.

Well, I guess I must have struck a nerve because the “are you gay” dms started rolling in.


I’m trying to figure out why some people have nothing better to do than stalk my timeline to see whom I interact with.

I flirt with everyone, regardless of gender. It just so happens that I have the best looking followers on Twitter! Thats a fact! Some are Straight, Gay, Bi, Curious, Confused, Whatever. What does it matter to me? I don’t give a fuck!

What you eat, don’t make me shit!

When did it become crime to compliment a beautiful female or handsome male? I do it all the time! Publicly at that!

I guess society is brainwashed into thinking that females are forever at each others throats, on some envious shit. But seriously, have you seen me? Do you see what the fuck I look like? What do I have to be envious about?

Not Motherfuckin’ Shit!

I have the Sexiest Chicks on Twitter as my followers, don’t believe me? Scroll my timeline! Those chicks are BAD!

Whats wrong with me complimenting them?

Hate don’t run thru these veins boo, NEVER has and NEVER will!

I have quite a few Sexy Ass Openly Gay Followers! I Flirt with them too!

Again, I ask, what the fuck is it to you?

Grow up, Get a fuckin’ life and if you insist on suckin’ my dick, please no teeth bitch!


(In the throes of a bipolar blackout!)



One thought on “Whats it to you?

  1. Hey Che!
    I just start following you, I’m a new “tweeter”,
    And I think people is just curious!
    Ok, maybe some of them are jugding, but I bet most of them are just curious to know more about you.
    It’s normal, if someone writes stuff you like, you wanna know where they are coming from! I am here cheching out your website, am I?
    Curiosity is the evil!!! LOL
    Good luck with all!!!

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