I appreciate you.

This is dedicated to any and everyone that has ever felt unappreciated…

Ever feel like your best just isn’t good enough?

No matter what you do it won’t suffice?

Still you press on when times are rough,

Regardless of the cost or sacrifice,

You give it your all,

Though others seek to dissuade,

You from standing tall,

Always present to rain on your parade…

Well I have news for you,

I have been there before,

I feel your pain boo,

I won’t go there anymore,

WE deserve way better,

than they were willing to give,

Do not become an enabler,

buying into someone so fictive,

Know your self-worth,

You have a truly good heart,

The likes of which there’s always a dearth,

You are definitely set apart,

From all others far and near,

For you I have the utmost gratitude,

For the Goodness you bring to bear,

Stand upright with much fortitude,

In all that you do,

Never feel the need to validate,

For your character is in full view,

For that I must Congratulate,

And let you know that I Appreciate you!

Che’ 4.7.10


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