I just want to take a minute to give a Much deserved Shout Out my Girls at!

Congratulations on being recognized by Time Magazine!
(Late but never wrong!)

You ladies are defininely “Big Time.” (Pun intended)

Time Magazine hails AGTR as “A fairly new group of young Detroit women, who are looking to leave the freshest broadcast imprint in Cyberspace”.

Kudos Ladies!

AGTR consists of Angie, Tika, Jai, Mz Muse & “Boss Lady.”

These ladies are the epitome of Class, Sass, Funloving, Caring, Brave, Inspiring, Considerate, Compassionate, Controversial, Rambunctious, the list goes on!

Whatever positive adjective that comes to mind, that’s AllGirlTalkRadio!

They are a breath of fresh air, in a very competitive market, that is online broadcasting.

They bring you interviews with your favorite music artists and celebrities.

They tackle the issues that matter; infidelity, relationship issues, responsibilities etc, in a very user friendly atmosphere. Topics are selected then its up for discussion.

Listeners are invited to call if they have someting to offer, to give their “2 cents”, as it were, on the topic. Different perspectives are then on the table for discussion.

It’s an open, fun filled, informative forum.

I must admit, listening to AllGirlTalkRadio has become my guilty pleasure. 😉

Visit the ladies of AGTR on the web at

Follow them on Twitter @AllGirlTalk

Follow them on Linkedin at

Listen live at

Call in to listen LIVE, or chat with the Ladies at 646-727-2404.

AGTR Broadcasts every Monday at 8pm EST, Wednesdays at 9pm EST and Saturday at 6pm EST.

Again, Kudos on a job well done ladies!

Che’ xoxo


3 thoughts on “AllGirlTalk

  1. Hey I’m would like to talk to you… I’m BP also and I am working on something that you might be interested in… My goal is to help women with BP cope… I like what you said about BP not being a death sentence… email me and we will talk thanks for your blog… Pamela

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