Arizona’s New Immigration Law

Today the State of Arizona signed into law a rather controversial law making it “legal” and I do use that term losely, to stop and question anyone who appeared to be an illegal immigrant and have them prove their legal immigration status.

Now this is my interpretation of the facts, don’t quote me verbatim.
Failure to sufficiently prove ones legal status in this country, would be cause for the suspect to be detained, until such verifiable proof is produced.

My question is how does one appear to be an illegal immigrant?

Would it be because of my beautifully bronzed skin? Perhaps my wavy hair? Or could it be my exotic looks? Or better yet, could it be my accented speech?

What exactly would be the basis for me to be questioned? Reasonable doubt?

An Officer could just have an inkling that I’m up to something and based on my looks, have reason to believe that I’m an illegal immigrant and so I am subjected to an interrogation?

The basic premise for this search is ridicilous.
I am Trinizuelean, definitely not American by birth, yet I know hosts of Americans who look more foreign than I do.

I know Americans who were born and raised here who look more foreign than foreigners.

I’ve seen instances of African Americans whose features and attributes are direct throwbacks to those of their ancestors from Africa, more so than natives of that region.

A lot of my Sicilian family (my grand mother is a de Peza) are way darker than I am, have wavier hair than I have and look more like Latinos than a lot of the Latinos themselves. Their speech is heavily accented.

You’d be behooved to know that some of my family though multi racial could definitely pass for Caucasian…

Yet allegedly to stop someone based on their looks, shouldn’t be construed as racial profiling? So what would you call it?

I can’t wait to see where this debate leads to, but its safe to say I won’t be visiting Arizona anytime soon, or ever for that matter.

The fact that they allowed that bill to be signed into law should tell exactly what they think of us…

Things that make you go hmmmm- Arsenio Hall…


2 thoughts on “Arizona’s New Immigration Law

  1. Cool post. I use to date a latin chic (native born) and her dad was the Assistant Dir. of Immigration Office in Los Angeles, CA. – this was many years ago, but the statistic – at that time was – that there were more ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS – Illegally working in the USA -from AUSTRALIA. I probably should come clean, my mother’s family illegally immigranted to California in 1840, when this was still part of Mexico – ha, ha. Love your posts.

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