Laws of Attraction

Opposites attract. Yay or Nay?

Until last night I had never given it any thought.
It was essentially a nonissue.

That was until a friend, pointed out that there was a greater probability that alikes would gravitate toward each other based on a higher degree of commonality.

Now, I (the admitted conspiracy theorist) have ventured into the abyss that is the gray zone.

My world is usually black or white, never the muddled gray.

However, here I am.
His theory, has got me to thinking…

This is just my take, so here goes…

Chemistry to me is mostly based initially on visual stimuli. Have you ever seen someone across the room at a bar and there was an instantaneous attraction?

Chemistry is that intense inexplicable rush that sparks interest in another, commonly referred to as lust.

Once lust rears its head, it usually isn’t based on any facts present, just on an overwhelming degree of physical attraction.

Anticipation, excitement, fulfilled desires could all stem from experiencing something new and unfamiliar.
Opposites will undoubtedly clash, but isn’t that the breathing grounds for sparks to fly and passions to become ignited?

Or is it?

Although logically speaking, if an aggressive man were to connect with equally aggressive woman, you’d expect nothing but fireworks. Seemingly it would be explosive on a sexual level, but do you expect anything beyond that?

But as we’ve learned in Physics, two positives fields will not produce energy.


(Flash back to Dr. Zara Muhammed’s ever so high pitched voice, droning on and on and on, about Polarity etc)

A negative and a positive, on the other hand, can make sparks fly..

**Heat can be created without any friction**

When parties neither have the same expectations nor values & beliefs, the relationship quickly hits a stallmate .

Once you get past the initial attraction, personality and attitude attributes come into play.
Its akin to attaining various, levels during your favorite video game.

The saga then continues to unfold…
Opposites attracting can create a heightened sexual tension, but personality, attitude and values are what a successful relationship are based on fundamentially.

In order to have a relationship with the possibility of a future, expectations, beliefs & values must be laid on the table from the very beginning.

Some aspects of which may be negotiable, others not.

The term relationship, as used here, denotes a connection, be it Romantic, Committed, No Strings Attached, Open or any variation of the aforementioned.

I ask you, what’s your take on this?

So in conclusion, I’d like to thank my friend whom I’ll refer to as
Dr. MD for his input, you are appreciated…

I’ll be here wallowing in the gray zone until I’m rescued…

Please leave me some feedback…
Che’ xoxo


3 thoughts on “Laws of Attraction

  1. The marrage project which is a university study says that couples with the most commonalities have the highest success rate. As a ultra right wing guy, I might be attracted to a hot woman only to immeidately lose my hard on after findng out that she is a flaming liberal feminist. Any sexual inclinations would be of a violent nature which is highly frowned upon unless the woman has a rape fantasy that she wants you to fulfill.

    Just saying
    John Wilder

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