Child Neglect


5 thoughts on “Child Neglect

  1. This is very good information, you have been very thorough in investigating and writing this piece. Your definitions are very clear and specific, I appreciate that. Kudos and Much luv to you (((**HUGS**))) @floetrycatnap

  2. I really appreciate this post simply because it is the truth. More parents may be ignorant to what’s needed. What I suggest us parents should take pride and defensiveness out of the equation when it comes to doing whatever is necessary for the best rearing of our children.
    God Bless you sis. You certainly have love for the people.

  3. This is a very important task as a parent people tend to not raise their children right to not prevent neglect or abuse. It’s sad when parents are in denial or just not caring. Keep up the good blogz…@TrealPromo

  4. Once again very insightful I have.. Not opinionated like I’m used to from you but diversity is somethin I like in life

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