My Love is dead

I’m dealing with the fact that today my love died,

I couldn’t save it no matter how I tried,

I have cried many a tear,

The kind that most will never share,

All of this is happening,

Due to the rude awakening,

That I somehow received,

Now I feel so deceived,

Maybe you got caught up,

Then just couldn’t stop,

I just cannot decide,

I’m slowly dying inside,

For the masses that chose me,

But with you I’d rather be,

You told lie after lie,

Be honest did you even try?

I really loved you,

I was ever so true,

With all of my heart,

From the very start,

Now my heart is shattered,

All the love just scattered,

My Joy has disappeared,

When the look of happiness appeared,

When you first saw her face,

Your smile lit up the place,

My heart just hit the floor,

My love for you is no more,

So there is nothing left to say,

I’ll just take it day by day,

Though I feel like I’m about to die,

I may just lay here and cry.

If only for one night,

Flashbacks of that sight,

It was aaite while it lasted,

But a bitch like me can be bested….

We are over, done and thru

You’ve fucked it up for anyone after you…



4 thoughts on “My Love is dead

  1. This was a dark piece but you captured all the feeling and emotion of a soul who has lossed love, but the good part is these words/feelings can no longer cause pain…She…EXHALED…Nice!

  2. Che’, Why? This poem is just making me say why why? Your words are so deep, hope it is just an inspiration not a true story babz. Cause if it is, he aint worth a single letter in this poem.

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