Three’s Company

This is all Fictional!!!! 🙂

I booked my trip to Myrtle Beach at the end of September, so it was still supposed to be warm.
My flight left Newark Airport at 7am, I arrived in Myrtle Beach at 10am, I had the entire day ahead of me…. No meetings, conference calls…nothing planned. This was the life!!! If only for a few days….

Fuck Jah! If you’d remember this is why I was in this mess! Grrrrrrrr

I desperately needed & expected to get lots of R&R. My hotel was right on the beach, I had an Ocean front suite, overlooking the Pool and Ocean… I packed light I was gonna be here for 6 nights 7 days, my luggage contained swimwear, undies and 2 Juicy sweatsuits. Anything else could be purchased out there as I heard they had excellent shopping.

I checked in and made my way to my room on the 12th floor. The view was spectacular!! I’m such a sucker for views. I unpacked and decided to take a nap before embarking on my journey to explore Myrtle Beach. As is customary I docked my iphone, Donell Jones, Jaheim (Fuck dat nigga, oh wait, I already did!) & Trey Songz serenaded me to sleep.

I awoke at 230pm starving like a hostage! Damn I hadn’t eaten, not even Coffee! I changed into a swimsuit and a Coverup, grabbed my bag and I was off!!! Myrtle Beach meet Che’, Che’ meet Myrtle Beach!

I gave my name to the Valet and within minutes my rented Range surfaced, yeah I know but just cuz I’m on vacation doesn’t mean I don’t need to remain in the manner to which I’ve become accustomed! I took off down the strip, there was a lot to see in Myrtle Beach, I stopped at the Salad Works and got a Chicken Caesar Salad and Strawberry lemonade. I wanted to keep it very light.

After lunch I gravitated towards the shopping areas. I browsed many stores then I noticed a group of young black and latino teenagers, I asked them where the Mall was and got directions.

I drove to the mall; the heat was stifling, thank god for ac! Once at the mall I bought a few dresses and some sandals, my phone hadn’t rung 1 time since I was there, I checked to see if I in fact had service. I was tempted to call, but I resisted the urge.
I heard there was a big Party jumping off that night at a Club called Ménage. I had passed that on the way to the mall. Good I’d be there. I went to the MAC Counter and bought some more bronzer and lip gloss.

I saw a few cute guys and girls staring, but no one made a move. As I was putting the bags into the back seat, a beautiful black girl approached me, she asked me if I was new in town, I introduced myself to her and told her I was on Vacation. She assumed I lived there due to my SC tags, nah boo Platinum Rental! Her name was Dior, I assumed that was some type of Stripper name, she had a banging ass body, she was hella sexy, she invited me to hang with her and some of her friends later in that night. I told her I was going to Club Ménage and she said she was as well. We exchanged numbers and I left as I was leaving I noticed he licking her lips, for some odd reason, I was turned on, by a female. Wtf? What was happening to me? IDK & more importantly IDGAFF!!!

I got back to the Hotel and Parked in the garage as opposed to Valet parking because I had intended to run back out in a few minutes. I had bought some cute dresses, but nothing I wanted to wear to the Club. I decided to visit a boutique I had passed on the way in. I put my shopping bags into the closet then noticed that there was a bouquet of Calla Lilies in my room. WTF? Where did these come from? OMG!!! I called down to the front desk, apparently my assistant Czazi had them delivered to cheer me up. How thoughtful. Czazi knew how to cheer me up!

I relieved myself then set out to the boutique. For some odd reason Dior was on my mind. I definitely wanted to impress her. I didn’t know why. That was the crazy part. I located the Boutique and found that they catered to a very select crowd; I guess my black amex was part of that crowd. Within no time I found a little black dress that accentuated my curves just right, coupled with some Via Spiga Sandals, I was ready for whatever came tonight, hopefully that was me 😉
A quick look at my watch I realized that I would need to get ready as I was meeting Dior and he friends for drinks in a little over an hour. That didn’t leave me much time to get ready.

I hopped into the shower and washed my hair, I’d leave it curly tonight. I was freshly waxed for the trip so there weren’t any other preparations necessary. I toweled off and applied some moisturizer to my entire body, donned my la perla underwear and slipped into my dress and sandals. I put on my 2 carat Michael C Fina Diamond stud earrings and stood back to admire myself. Sometimes less is more so I did not wear any more jewelry. I dusted on some bronzer and applied mascara and lip gloss! Damn I’m a Beautiful Bitch! I spritzed some Dior Addict Perfume and walked into it, this way the scent is light and not too over powering, very subtle. I checked the time and noticed I had a few minutes before I was to meet Dior at the Hotel’s Lounge. I was nervous, first date type nervous. This wasn’t a date, not with a chick. I was nervous nonetheless.

I made my way down to the Hotel’s Lounge and made my way to the bar to wait for Dior and her entourage. At exactly 8pm Dior strutted in, accompanied by some of the most beautiful people I had ever seen. I literally had to do a double take. That Bitch was GORGEOUS!!!! She greeted me warmly. We were directed to the VIP Area.

Once there I was introduced to everyone. Moet, Ace of Spades, Cristal flowed like water, I was right at home in this element. As time wore on I asked Dior what she did for a living, everyone laughed, I was miffed. Obviously I was missing something; she meekly replied that she was a performer, if you will. She looked vaguely familiar; I just couldn’t place the face. Oh well whatever. Dior stayed by my side the entire night, at about 10pm a limo arrived to take us to Club Ménage. When we got there we were given the VIP Treatment, everyone seemed to know who she was and she was very gracious to her fans. There were a lot of Celebrities in town that weekend, Trey Songz, Joe, Ludacris, Ciara and a few unmentionables. Dior knew them all, they all stopped by to say hi.

We danced and had a great time. Somewhere after midnight R & B Heartthrob Donell Jones entered the Club, Dior immediately made a bee line for him. I had always had a crush on him since he came out in 96. Dior was all over him, oh well, I guess she wanted it to be known that she had hit that or vice versa. ((WTFE))
DJ introduced himself and gave me a hug; he sniffed me and said damn u smell good! I was blushing! He stayed with us for the remainder of the night. Dior was clearly infatuated. So was I.
Dior kept grinding her sexy ass body on me and I went with the flow. DJ definitely loved the performance we were putting on for him, as was I! We did a faux Strip tease, with Dior ending up humming on my pussy through my dress on the dance floor! Talk about HOTTTTT!!! That had definitely gotten Mz Pretty’s attention and she wanted to give a 6 gun salute!!!
As time went on, the crowds thinned out and before long we were the only ones left in the Club, I had assumed in the VIP Area, but everyone had actually left. Dior, DJ and I were the ONLY ones there. I was definitely feeling her and him. I was down for whatever. I got the feeling that this was carefully orchestrated…

It would be my first time with a female but I was game, Dior was a fine muthafucker! That’s 90% Ace talking!!! Or was it??
DJ was playing with my hair; Dior didn’t seem the least bit jealous. She began kissing me. I froze; even though the Ace was coursing through my veins like the autobahn; I was nervous. DJ leaned over and kissed me, I melted. Niiiccceeee I thought! Dior began licking on my nipples, damn it was getting hot in here! DJ’s lips were so juicy, his tongue probed my mouth and before long we were engaged in a ferocious game of tonsil hockey. Dior licked and sucked on my nipples, I was in Heaven!!!
My mental capacity was severely diminished, but I was definitely in control of my body… Allegedly…
I came up for air. DJ was looking oh so good and I knew it was about to be on. See I didn’t fancy myself a freak. I just think I handle mine, better than most. Dior definitely better be strong in her spot because this trinii was about to usurp her! I don’t think she has a clue, but she will in a few fo sho’!
It became very evident that this was neither Dior’s nor DJ’s first time seducing a woman. I didn’t mind 1 bit. DJ and I continued kissing and I was losing my ever-loving mind! Damn his lips felt wonderful!!!
I was definitely about to let them go in on me… It seems they thought I was an innocent victim , little did they know they had hit the muthafuckin’ jackpot!!!
You see I’m somewhat of a free spirit and I love sex, I craved it like a newborn craves nourishment. I wouldn’t say I was an addict as I didn’t do just about anything for sex. I have turned down many an offer for sex. Anyone just can’t tag this, all of the heavenly goodness. Oh no I’m very selective to say the least…

(To be continued)


7 thoughts on “Three’s Company

  1. *taking a deep breath*

    Wow, where do I begin? Che’, you painted a nice, enticing picture with your words and as I read them, I grew more and more interested in what was going to happen next. Ending it the way you did, sorta seemed like a tease but I’m not complaining because in my mind, I continued on with my own thoughts of what “came” (ha ha) next. I enjoyed this piece and will be looking forward to reading more.


  2. Che u kno how to get my mind rollin n goin I hope u don’t disappoint when u continue cuz I’m anxious n ready for it… @BLOCKSTAR87

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