Excerpt from Do Me Justice Mature Audiences Only!!

It all started like any other Saturday night at the Jersey Shore…boring.
There wasn’t anything in particular to do this weekend, so my cousin and I ended up at this dive bar in Keyport, NJ.
We got there around 11pm, it was dead. We quickly found ourselves seated at the bar and began ordering drinks… My mantra at the bar is, if it’s Brown, I’m down!! So we ordered brown liquor, lots of it…
I started off with 2 Double Shots of Grand Marnier, No Ice, 2 twists of lime… That was my poison…
4 drinks later in walks this hella fine chocolate specimen, he takes up the bar stool next to me. I had never seen him before so he immediately caught my eye. He was tall, dark and handsome… just my type… but there was something that went beyond the physical attraction… there was something about him that made me want to know more about him. He seemed very mysterious… I texted my cousin, who was sitting next to me like do you know him? What’s his story? She quickly replied that his name was Justice and he was very quiet and cool… Uh oh! That may spell trouble because I am not quiet, maybe reserved, but definitely not quiet…
Justice and I knew a lot of the same people, yet I had never seen him before. That was definitely appealing to me, in more ways than one.
As the night wore on I became intrigued by Justice, he definitely had a very mature air about him. Not the run of the mill faux grown man façade most males give off, just a sense of maturity radiated off of him.
The DJ started playing Reggae Music so we made our way to the dance floor to get our swerve on!

My cousin saw that I was fascinated by him and offered to introduce us, I said sure, I’d appreciate that. Though she had known him for quite some time her nerves go the best of her and she reneged. Her girlfriend however volunteered to do the introduction and wasted no time in approaching him.

Within what seemed like a fraction of a second, Justice was approaching me, for some odd reason I felt very nervous. He had a really beautiful smile. He introduced himself and I did the same. I felt like I was back in High School once again. He asked me to dance and I actually accepted! Damn he had some moves! (Point taken)
After we left the dance floor we chatted for a few mins and exchanged numbers. However brief our conversation was I don’t recall because I was looking at his smile, the entire time.

I was now steps closer to unravelling the mystery of Justice. I was looking forward to it, without question.
For some reason I knew this would be a very pleasurable experience, the anticipation was building as the seconds ticked by…

Later on after we left the bar I received a text message from Justice. He wanted to know if we had made it home safe. I quickly replied that we had and thanked him for being so considerate about our well being. It was indeed a very welcomed gesture. Based on his choice of words, I got the impression that he was educated and cultured, that was definitely a turn on for me.
Unbeknownst to him, Justice was scoring the hugest of points with me. There was definitely something endearing about his personality. He was not the type of man, I even thought still existed.

Jus and I texted each other for about half an hour that first night, then he fell asleep. I was enjoying our exchanges.
I lay awake once I got out of the shower and thought about, this perfect stranger. At times someone may appear to be too good to be true and I was hoping that wasn’t the case with justice.
I slept late the next day, when I woke up Jus was on my mind.

I am not the type of woman who crowds a man’s space. Even if we are in a relationship, I maintain a very healthy distance at all times.
Its fine to let someone know that you are interested, but without overstepping certain boundaries. I am a firm believer in letting them have space and in turn I require the same. My views on relationships have more often than not been deemed unorthodox.
I decided to text Jus to say hi. He had slept all day as well. So far so good, we had some things in common, I was liking him a lot. I laughed at myself like whoa you are moving too fast Ché, slow the hell down. I reasoned that I wasn’t trying to marry him nor have his babies so, whatever.

I asked Jus when was he going to have some time, he said he had time all the time, but more on the weekends. I then told him I had time all the time as well, that I had a very flexible schedule.
I told him to let me know.
Jus and I decided to meet later on that week for drinks. I drove to meet him since I wasn’t too familiar with the area. Jus was looking better than I had remembered, if that was at all possible.
We went to a Local bar close to his home; we had a few drinks and conversation. He was intelligent; I think that was the biggest turn on for me at this point.

After the Bar we drove back to his home to get my car. We sat in Jus’ car for a while talking. At some point I was about to leave, Jus was is such close proximity to me I could feel this magnetic attraction between us. It was undeniable. I knew at that point I wanted him. There was no doubt in my mind. He stood behind me and I felt my legs buckle. He told me he was a biter, I cringed, but he felt so good, I thought to myself, as long as he didn’t break my skin he could bite me all he wanted! His body was molded to mine and it felt oh so good. I wanted him to do me on the hood of my Car, right in his driveway!!!

I’m not exactly sure when the non verbal command was given but I heard the rip of a Condom Wrapper being opened then unrolled unto Jus’ dick. Damn this was too soon but we were at the point of no return, we are both adults and were playing it safe, so fuck it, in my mind it was game on!!!!!

Jus bent me over the hood of my car, pushed my miniscule skirt up, there wasn’t much distance to go since it barely covered my hefty mounds of ass, slid my thongs to the side, licked & slurped on Mz Pretty then placed the head of his dick into my pussy. I sucked in a breath, as he ever so slowly pushed forward, uuuhhhhhhhhhhhh daaammmmnnnnn, he hissed, we were both getting used to each other’s bodies, him to my tight tunnel of welcoming warmth; me to his length and girth and strength. I was definitely appreciating him. He was definitely a blessed man. I backed my ass up to meet his thrusts; he met each of mine with long strokes. Jus long stroked me for what seemed like an eternity.

I gripped the hood of my car, I’m a screamer, but I wasn’t afforded that opportunity because of the location and the ungodly hour. Then out of no where came some of Jus’ friends, interrupting our session. Jus walked over to them once he had righted himself and spoke to them for a few minutes then they left. I wanted more.
A lot more. Damn, that as so good, once Jus walked back over to me I told him I needed more. I’m definitely not shy when it comes to letting my sexual needs be known. Jus obliged me, only to have his friends interrupt us once more. This was such a no win situation. I know what he’s working with and definitely need more of it.

As I drove home I was reliving the sensations I had recently experienced. Had Jus continued stroking me the way he had been, I’d certainly have squirted. I could hardly concentrate on the road.
I am definitely looking forward to our next encounter. We definitely have sexual Chemistry. Jus has no idea what he’s in store for, mark my words, he will not be disappointed… And neither will I be..


13 thoughts on “Excerpt from Do Me Justice Mature Audiences Only!!

  1. I know this was a story but gettin’ it outdoors is the best. Too bad some women are too scared to do it. I enjoyed the story, Che’.

  2. Damn, I got turned on reading that one! Screamer/squirter??? I had no idea after all this time. Great post!

  3. I am new here. I met you on Twitter, so thought I’d visit. WOW! I am so backward, I thought the story was true until I read the comments. It was an awesome story. Darn, I wanted to borrow Justice once you were finished with him…I don’t mind seconds. hahaha

    • Loved the story. Your writing is very good! Can’t wait to see if there is more to “Do Me Justice.”

      BlackberryGyrl on Twitter

  4. Justice is lucky. I would love to scoop you up and make a nice mess of you :). Awesome story. And I love a woman that squirts….such a turn on. MM mmm mmmm

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