Moments of Truth Entire Story. Mature Audiences Only

Mature Audiences Only Please!!!!
18 & Over!!!

#Twitterafterdark at it’s finest!
Okay since you all begged, pouted & pleaded here is the entire story, enjoy responsibly!

*****This is a work of Fiction, strictly overactive imagination*****

I woke up this morning to a muggy ass day, perfect weather to take a
dip in the pool…Problem is my Pool was’nt open, yet. I had recently
set up an appt to have the pool cleaned, thankfully today was the
day… I waited patiently for the service men to appear. Last year
they sent some fat disgusting ass white boy, hmmm I couldn’t fathom
the thought of fucking him… I hoped they’d send me some eye candy
this time…

At 10am on the dot, I heard the doorbell ring, I
sauntered to the door and saw this Caramel Adonis standing there,
looking so out of place… I checked my appearence in the mirror
before opening the door… “Hi, can I help you?” I asked. ” Yes, I’m
Charlie from Poolside, Inc, I’m here to service your Pool.”
“Come on in Charlie, I’m Ché Hernandez, nice to meet you, I’ll show
you to the Pool area.”

As I led the way thru the house, I could feel
his stare burning a hole thru my cover up. I was loving every minute
of it. I know he was checking my ass out, I didn’t blame him, I mean
who wouldn’t? I have a fantastically Phat Ass! As we walked thru the Kitchen, I asked him if he’d
like something cool to drink, Beer, Iced Tea, Lemonade, perhaps? He
replied that he was fine for now. Was he ever!

I showed Charlie where
everything was and advised him he could pull around to the back of
the house to have his equipment closer. He agreed, he quickly returned
with his work truck and equipment in tow. I told Charlie that I’d
be in the house if he needed me as I was working from home today.
I walked back into the house and poured my self a tall, cool glass
of Fresh Homemade Lemonade. I added 2 shots of Grand Marnier, 1 Shot
of SoCo, a teaspoon of lime juice & 2 Tablespoons of Golden
Demerrara Brown Sugar Crystals & a Lemon Ring to garnish, I had just
created my Signature drink, Trini Brown Sugar.

I took my drink and walked into my den, I docked my iPhone and the
music of Trey Songz was instantly heard thru the surround sound…
I walked up the circular stairway to my room which overlooked the
pool… I quickly removed my Coverup and was soon standing naked in
my room, I took a few minutes to appreciate what I had been blessed
with… Hmmmmm, I can’t front I am a gorgeous woman, I look way
younger than my age, for this I am thankful. I walked into my
bathroom and ran the Shower till it was just right. I then walked to
the floor to ceiling windows and looked out unto the Pool area.

Charlie had removed his Polo shirt and was now wearing a wife beater
that was so fitted, I swore it would rip at any given moment. I
watched & waited. I saw Charlie look up towards my windows, the
Vertical blinds were open but due to the glare, I didn’t think he
could see me. Though I wished he could. He seemed busy setting out
his equipment and chemicals, so I got into the Shower. The water
cascaded off of my bronzed body like a waterfall. I caressed my body
lovingly, I fantasized about Charlie standing behind me, pinching my
nipples, kneading and rubbing on my breasts, the more I thought
about it the more I squeezed n pulled on my nipples.

Damn, that feels so good! I let my hands travel down past my belly,
lower into my Valley. I closed my eyes and pictured Charlie touching
me…. rrrrrrriiiiinnnnnnggggggg!!!! I was snapped back to reality
by the sound of my Blackberry ringing. I turned the water off and
stepped out of the shower. I answered the call. “Hello?” “This is
Keri from Poolside, Inc, calling to confirm that our agent arrived
on time for the appointment.” I thought WTF? “Yes, he did. Is there
a reason you’re checking up on him?” ” oh no, I just wanted to
assure that our clients are serviced efficiently.” ” okay well
thanks for calling, I have to run now, goodbye!” hmmmm serviced
efficiently huh?

I walked to the Window and saw Charlie pouring
Chemicals into the Pool as I’ve seen done on numerous occasions. I
knew he had to wait at least an hour or so before he could do
anything more to it. I had a plan. I paused my iPhone. Trey would
have to wait. I walked closer to the balcony and pretended to have a
conversation. ” Yeah I was in the shower when they called. The
meeting was rescheduled till tomorrow, so I guess I’ll be home
today, I’ll probably jump in the Pool once it’s done.” I paused as
if listening to someone, out the corner of my eye I see Charlie
looking up at the window, I’m still naked and wet, in more ways
than one.

I continued my faux convo for another minute or so before
ending the call. I walk to my Closet and grabbed my White Ed Hardy Love
Kills Slowly Bikini. I pop the tags and put it on. I put my hair up
into a ponytail. Grabbed the matching EH flip flops, a white sheer
coverup and headed back downstairs. I let Trey sing.

I went into the
Kitchen and Made a Pitcher full of Trini Brown Sugar. I walked out
to the Pool with 2 Glasses. I gave one to Charlie without asking if
he wanted it. He accepted and thanked me. He took a sip. ” this is
so good! What is it? ” I replied ” it’s me”. I winked and walked
away. I knew he was liking, nah fuck that, loving what he saw.

Good Choice Charlie…

I laid on a lounge chair & motioned for him to come sit with me.
He seemed nervous. Trini Brown Sugar would definitely loosen him up,
both of us would. ” what is this & what’s in it? It’s so good!”
don’t I know it, I thought.
” Its Trini Brown Sugar, essentially it’s Trinizuelean Lemonade. I’m
Trinidadian & Venezuelean, so that’s my take on Lemonade.”

I could tell that Charlie was starting to feel it, I topped his
glass off as I considered my next move.
I found out Charlie was 21, Single and a Pre Law Student
& aspiring Rap Artist. “Are you on Twitter Mz Ché?” “Yes, I am, are you? And please call me Ché” “I thought you looked familiar, @bipolarboo right? I follow you & you follow me too, I’m @Charli3Bartlett but everyone calls me Enve.” hmmmmmmm I thought, this should be interesting. I had to admit, I was

As his buzz took hold of him, I moved closer to him,
flirting, touching, being very attentive. He was obviously feeling
me as I was him. ” you have a beautiful body Mz Ché.”

“Enve, may I call you Enve? My name is Ché boo, so please call me Ché” I said.

I started tracing the tattoos on his arms, damn my pussy was so wet!
Enve kept drinking, I kept topping his glass off. He stood up and
I saw what seemed to be a tree trunk’s imprint in his shorts. My
mouth began to water. ”

Enve can you please put this suntan oil
on my back?” “Sure” I sat up and loosened my bikini top with my back
to him he started massaging the oil into my back. Damn his hands
felt so good, he moved his hands to my lower back and kept a steady
pressure as he massaged me, he then stood behind me and cupped my
breasts and massaged the oil onto them, he pulled on my nipples just
as I had envisioned!

There was no doubt in my mind that it was about
to be on and poppin’!!!

He continued massaging me down to my belly button, then I felt the
strings to my bikini bottoms become untied and as he stood me up,
they fell to the deck. He poured oil onto his hands and kneaded my
butt till I was about to cum, he turned around and slipped his
thumbs into my pussy and gently rubbed on my clit. I couldn’t take it any
more, I wasn’t gonna go out like this. I pulled away from him and
sat back on the lounge chair.

He was standing in front of me, I
reached up and rubbed on his bulge.
Damn it was bigger than I
thought! I unbuttoned and unzipped his Cargo shorts letting them
fall to his feet. I was greeted by the most beautiful Caramel
colored dick I have ever seen in my life!

I held it on my hands,
knowing I was about to pay homage to such a work of art. He was
shaved just the way I like it. Damn, it’s on!!!!
I kissed the head of his dick, covering it with wet kisses from root
to tip and then back again. I swirled my tounge on his dick head,
hmmmmm he tasted so good. I licked him like a lollipop, Lil Wayne
would be proud… pause…

Enve’s eyes were closed but I could
tell he liked what I was doing, I just wished he was more vocal. I
went in for the kill, I started sucking just the head of his dick
then slowly introduced more of his dick into my mouth till it was
very familiar with my tonsils. I deep throated him and held it, then
I did it again. I sucked him harder and faster, he grabbed the back
of my head and began to furiously fuck the shit outta my mouth. I
was loving it!

My pussy is so fucking wet! I hear him whisper damn!
Fuck! That’s all I needed to hear! I sucked him off so fucking good,
he said I’m bout to cum! I kept sucking and I felt his dick swell
and I pulled it out of my mouth just in time for him to shoot his
cum into the Pool, in thick powerful streams. He held onto my
shoulders for support, that was a definite sign that he got what he
needed. I let him rest for about 15mins then I placed a Magnum on
him and bent over the back of the lounge chair and waited for the
moment of truth….

Enve: As she bent over the lounge chair, I caught a full glimpse
of her round bronzed ass surrounding the prettiest pussy I have ever
seen, which now was so plump and moist that I couldn’t help but to
get a taste! So I dove right in and began nibbling on those beautiful
cheeks moving back n forth from cheek to cheek as I got closer and
closer to the real prize.

By now my lips were as moist as her pussy
and it was complete magic when my lips finally touched hers. I slowly
licked up and down, being very careful to avoid her clitoris… I
definitely wanted to tease her a bit first.

She began moaning so loud
that I swore her next door neighbor was hearing the acoustics over the
sound of his lawnmower… but fuck it, the lust was so great at the
moment that I didn’t care. shit I didn’t care if the neighbors had
climbed the fence and watched, nothing was going to stop me.

I let my
lips and my tongue wander lower to her bulging clit and began sucking
so ferociously but at the same time gently… As I felt her legs begin
to tremble, I knew she was approaching her climax, so I gently slid my
index and middle fingers into her soaked pussy to enhance the
pleasure. I knew it was only a matter of time before she couldnt take
it anymore…

Ché: Damn WTF!!! My legs could not stop shaking! It was like a 10.0
the Richter scale! This nigga right here boy was on some other shit nd
it was good! So muthafuckin good! Almost on queue Trey Song’s
Neighbors know my name came on…

Enve kept sucking on my clit and I was losing my everloving mind! I
wanted to cum but I also wanted some dick!

I looked over my shoulder and in as seductive of a tone as I could
muster, I said ” I need that dick now!”

He got up off of his knees, placed one of my legs over the back of the
lounge chair, leaned me forward so that my ass was tooted up, pussy
spread wide, waiting for him to come inside…

The look on his face said it all. This was gonna be one hell of a
I braced myself as I felt him rub his dickhead on the openning of my
Slowly he started to feed me dick, I felt my tunnel being stretched to
Not only in length, but also in width. It took me a minute to get used
to his girth, but I did and I wanted more. I wanted it all…

I began bouncing my ass on his dick, I could feel him him in my chest
cavity! This is what you call being dicked down!!!

His powerful pelvic thrusting matched mine in ferocity omg it felt
good! He definitely had rythm! Hmmmmmmm he furiously fucked me, deeper
and harder…

He pounded my pussy like he was punishing it, I definitely liked his
relentless style of fucking…
He suddenly stopped fucking me and started eating my pussy from the
back!!! OMFG!!! I started cumming!! SMFH!!! I squirted everywhere!

I must have been the first squirter he ever experienced because he
tried to lick it all up, little did he knew my pussy gushed like a

Once he realized he’d drown trying to gulp my honey, he abandoned his
chore and resumed punishing my pussy!

I looked at him over my shoulder and said “lemme ride you baby.”

Enve sat on the Lounge chair as I straddled him. I easily slid down
on his dick n started working my hips, popping my pussy on his dick…
” Damn ma you got that snapper pussy!” I knew if wouldn’t be long
before he couldn’t take it anymore, I kept up the pace, steady taking
all of his monster dick in me.

All of a sudden he grabbed me by my waist and started driving is dick
up into me, so fucking hard I started squirting, I couldn’t hold back
and I wanted his dick so deep into me as I came. Enve said ” you
like how I fuck you ma, you got some bomb ass pussy!!!” he then
flipped me over Nd pounded me out doggie style, his dick was so
fucking good, he fucked me nonstop for a good 10 more minutes then
ripped off the Magnum and came in projectile spurts into the Pool!!!

I can’t wait to be serviced that efficiently again very soon…

Ché & Enve xoxo
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11 thoughts on “Moments of Truth Entire Story. Mature Audiences Only

  1. I loved it and really enjoyed reading Moments Of Truth Entire Story. Thanks for writing this sensual short story…Bipolar Boo. I thought that it was very erotic…as well as enjoyable and provocative. I didn’t know you possessed these extremely naughty writing skills. Bipolar Boo…I loved it so much that because of you I’ll have to walk the dog with an amazing HARD-ON. I really enjoyed your writing style. Your words flowed effortlessly towards orgasmic pleasure…within your story line. I’m sure that I’ll vent my new found erection…in the right direction. As I tweeted to you before…hook a brother up with your Trini Brown Sugar. It sounds like a real head banger…I’m going to make a batch and share a few of my stories with you one day. Good luck Bipolar Boo!

    Your erotic imagination is going to get…ME SO HORNY

  2. Wow. Che, as I told you via BBM yesterday, that was soooo hot. I really loved it. I felt like I was a part of the story and giving it to you really good. Now, we will have to write our own, so you have something to remember….I mean, I want to return the favor 😉

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  5. Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the images on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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