Devil’s Advocate

Ladies, would you knowingly date a Bisexual Man?

I know the most obvious answer will be hell NO!!! I can see yall now, snapping yall necks and rolling yall eyes till kingdom come, with as much attitude as you can possibly muster!!!

Okay hear me out before yall lynch me!

On tonight’s installment, I’ll assume the role of the Devil’s Advocate;

Say you meet a guy who is beyond your wildest expectations, he is more than you could ever desire in a mate. He fills voids you weren’t even aware of. Treats you so well, you believe that you’ve died and gone to heaven. He compliments & completes you. You couldn’t possibly ask for a better match. Her romances, wines & dines you, Worships you yada, yada, yada…

You two are making plans for the future, you both want the same things, a Nice Home, picket fence, kids….


A) He confides in you that he has in the past had sexual encounters with men, not flings but relationships but loves you & only you and want to spend the rest of his life with you


B)You get married, have kids and a great life then he tells you he is bisexual


C) You get married, have kids, a great life then you discover he is bisexual


D) You get married, have kids, a great life and never know that he is bisexual…

How would you prefer your story to go?

I ask this because a childhood friend of mine is married to a Bisexual man and doesn’t know.

I know because he is my ex’s brother and we were very close.

I say were because they have been living in London for many years and we only recently reconnected.

He asked me what he should do.
I have no answer.
He claims to not be bi anymore as if it were a an ailment that he was suddenly cured of.

I am usually an excellent source of advice, but in this instance I don’t feel qualified to make any recommendations. So I’ll refrain from offering any. But I have to get an informend opinion from y’all.

They’re both my friends and as such I believe that I should fall back, stay in my lane, because though I mean well, I don’t want to be the one who makes things worse.

Somewhere in my heart of hearts I believe that she has to at least have an inkling of the fact that he has engaged with men…

Why is female bisexuality more widely accepted than male bisexuality? I’m just asking!

Wouldn’t or shouldn’t female bisexuality be just as disdainful as that males?

We push for equal rights in just about every right so why not this as well?

And as a matter of fact let me point out I have absolutely no issue with homosexuality, lesbianism, trisexuality, in any way, shape or form. You like what you like. You love who you love and you should be able to exercise that right with out fear of persecution or prosecution from your peers.

So again I ask which way would you prefer for your story to end?

Get at me with the commentaries!

I’ll be in my self imposed gray zone watching the Firestorm unfold…

Until then I remain,

Hopelessly bipolar,


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4 thoughts on “Devil’s Advocate

  1. Being a male my only comment would referencing the point of why female bisexuality is more widely accepted. Simply put women possess and internal sex organ and male have external ones, with that said…..the “risk” factor lessens.

  2. There is no such thing as a perfect significant other. They all have some f*kced up secret. Men are full of it in my book, they all are! It’s always something. A baby mama, an ex-wife, an ex-girlfriend, “my bestfriend”, “she’s just a friend”, “my sister” (not by blood), I don’t have a job, I do whatever for work, “I’m a hustler”, I have 3 different baby mama’s, “my mom says you’re not right for me”, IT’S ALWAYS SOMETHING! If you are happier than you are mad, then just deal with it.

  3. I would want to be told prior to a life together and kids. The woman needs to be given the option to either remain in the relationship or move on with her life.

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