I Salute you!

I think it is a Complete & utter insult 2 tell a Mother Happy Father’s Day when the Father is clearly handling his business!

Some females are not as fortunate as others to have a real man who handles his responsibilities & are forced to be both mother & father to their children.

For some its easy to just walk away and shirk any responsibility, so at times the mother is left holding the bag so to speak, but lately, I have been seeing instances where the mother walks out and leaves the father to fend for the children by themselves.

Being a single parent is not an easy task for any gender. Stress & strife is not gender specific, so let’s not start championing any unwarranted causes.

A friend of mine is caring for his 2 children ages 2 & 6 because his wife walked out because she does not want to miss out on her youth and would rather be in the bar everyday instead of being a mom. Now I know that sounds harsh and there are a lot of undisclosed factors to this scenario, but my friend works between 12-18 hours a day as a CDL driver. He’s exhausted when he comes home.
But he’s a Man & he’s only 26.

Every situation isn’t perfect but communication is key. That is if you are dealing with adults who know that with communication comes compromise.
I think sometimes as parents we need to put aside the personal bullshit and focus on what’s really important, the children.

Sometimes the romantic relationship is irreparable but the children didn’t ask to come into this world, so now that they’re here, we must do what’s best, sometimes that means not being together anymore, while maintaining a healthy balance as parents.

Trust me, I know sometimes its easier said than done. I Know!

You are doing your children a huge disservice by bad mouthing the other parent, it teaches your children that its okay to harbor grudges and be deceitful.

Sometimes just because someone is unable to contribute financially doesn’t meant they aren’t trying.
Moral support goes along way!

Thank you to those that have stepped up and assumed responsibilities that belong to someone else. It does take a Village to raise a child!

To all the parents in the struggle, I see you, I support you and most of all, I salute you.

Be the very best parent you can possibly be!

Kudos to All moms who do hold it down. Special thank you to all the men that are truly Fathers, regardless of if they’re biologically yours or not!

I salute U! #thatsall

Che’ xoxo

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3 thoughts on “I Salute you!

  1. Well written. Someone needed to say it. And too the brother, making it happen. Hold your head and stay strong, blessings are on the way.

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