Ok so I guess its ranting time! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the bipolar experience its a few minutes of Your day, where I rant about what the hell ever is on my mind!

Today started out like any other Summer day, hot and muggy as hell! (Is hell Muggy? Somebody get at me!)

Anyhoo I had a busy day scheduled. Today is my only daughter’s 8th birthday, tomorrow is her party= mommy got a lot of stuff to do!

I ran to Walmart to pick up a few things, then it was on to Shoprite.
I get to Shoprite the damn store is Naked! It seems like I have the Worst luck with Shoprite, everytime I go there its either packed or out of whatever it is I need. But yet I keep going (smfh, such a glutton for punishment)

Today it was a combination of both, so I decide I’ll run over to Target & Wegmans since they’re nearby…

As I’m making my way out the store I see this buffalippo (cross between a buffalo & hippo) (yes I got jokes!) Named Tyefa, we don’t like each other; correction she doesn’t like me Idgaff @ her more aptly describes it.

So she’s running her mouth a mile a minute as usual so I walk past ignoring the blob so she stops mid sentence n says “everytime I see the bitch I be wantin’ to go in her mouth”.
*hold up* Is this hoe talkin to me? So I said “bitch u got somethin’ to say?”


So I repeated myself in case she didn’t hear me the 1st time…

Pregnant Silence…

I guess she must have figured that today wasn’t the day to be fuckin with me cuz she remained silent. (Or was she observing what seemed like an ion of silence for MJ?) Idk?!

I figured she had made a wise choice.

So I kept my happy ass moving, on to Wegmans I go.
While there I realized I lost my wallet. Now I’m Super pissed.

I retraced my steps, to no avail.
I called Rushcard, they can’t replace my card till next week nor can they send me any $$.

(Idfk why they wouldn’t allow me to transfer funds to my bank acct!)
Plus the $200 cash I had in the Wallet was now gone as well.
Oh fuckin well, gotta take an L on that cause!

So I go to the bank; get some Cash to continue the Shopping, who do I run into at Costco? Tyefa!

Now she has her sister whom I call Muck Muck (she stays with a Murky looking neck) with her, so they being all loud nshit laughing & carrying on, mind you I’m by myself, waiting 4 my mom & my kids. I’m igging these hoes…

These tricks were obviously feeling froggy, but little did they know I hate frogs & won’t hesitate to squash ’em.

If it aint directed; it aint respected. No one called my name.

So I’m going about my business, then my mom & kids arrive. I have a cart full of stuff by the time they got there, as we’re heading to the register our paths crossed, with the bison.

This hoe Tyefa ran her cart clean da fuck over my sons foot! And had the balls to laugh talking bout watch where you’re goin’.

Within seconds she was dealt an eardrum shattering round of tinitis! I cocked back and smacked the fire out that hoe! I swear the earwax popped outta her ear! I kid you not! She just stood there holding her ear looking dazed!

Muck Muck was standing there stuck on stupid lookin’ like she was bout to cry nshit. Security came over, they had seen what happened prior to the smackdown, they called EMS & the Police…

Once Tyefa heard 50 was coming her & Muck Muck tried to bounce! Oh no hoe! I pushed my full, heavy ass cart right into those hoes! Muck Muck got hit in the stomach & Tyefa tripped & fell over her just as 50 got there!

Idgaff who saw what I did! She lucky she aint get a hood style beat down! She got an aggravated assault charge cuz his foot was bleeding (something about the presence of blood changed the charge from simple to aggravated assault).

I wasn’t charged but I did call my attorney and advised him of the situation before we left the store…

The scratch was cleaned, antiseptic applied, bandaged, iced & elevated. He’ll be fine.

I don’t respect no punk ass shit like that. You got a problem with me you step to me. My kids aint got a fuckin’ thing to do with it.

I’ll straight body a bitch for my kids! Don’t believe me? Test me!


So now I didn’t finish my shopping, so I’ll have to be up extra early to get this shit done then come back to set up for the party!

I’m extra aggravated!

These hoes be thinkin’ somethin’ sweet, they’ll fuck around & get something they aint bargained for!

In closing I state for the umpteenth time, I hate stupid people!

Stupidity is rampant, hopefully not contagious, because I’m highly allergic!


Until the next episode,
I remain, hopelessly bipolar!

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3 thoughts on “Grrrrrr

  1. Damn Boo, that’s tuff. I guess everyone has days like this. You’re not alone I just had one of those “Ima fuck a nigga up today” day last week. I’m praying for us.

  2. Lmfaoooo damn ur aggressive that’s wat happen we pussy people who think they bad fucks with u that’s y I got a tattoo saying don’t fuck with me

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