I’ll Be

You like the way my jeans fit tight
The way I work you right,
The way I dip it low,
Then bring it back slow.

The way I rock my hips,
Then lick my lips,
The way I take that ride,
With you deep inside.

Lovin how u thrust and pump,
While u smack my rump,
How I grip your tool,
And make you drool.

Stare deep in your eyes,
Causing lustful sighs,
How I lick your Nipple,
How my juices trickle.

The pleasure I cause,
They way I never pause,
How I work it fast,
The way I twerk my ass.

Hold me tight,
All thru the night,
Open ur eyes I’ll disappear,
Close them again I’ll reappear.

Baby let me love u down,
Please promise to make the sound,
That simply drives me wild,
Manner anything but mild.

Lover I am here for you,
If ever you need me to,
Be right by your side,
Forever I will abide.


Peace and Divine Guidance,

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