What you need

Think about this, then think about that,
Please allow me to state a few facts,
I’m so much more than a Pretty face,
Supreme specimen pleading your case.

So Blessed, way beyond measure,
Thoroughbred stats such a treasure,
Definitely a killa but so not serial,
You recognized its lifetime potential.

Cruising along with the ebb & flow,
Undulating steps sway as we go,
Taking our time; we’re so unrushed,
Chemistry ablaze from the moment we touched.

You’ve no clue what’s in store,
Barely grazed the surface yet there’s so much more,
I’m nothing like you’ve been used to,
Get down for mine believe it boo.

Revealing emotions once suppressed,
Untapped potential now unharnessed,
Sit back, relax, unwind and enjoy,
Not quite a man ; no longer a boy.

Be who you are don’t keep it inside,
express yourself; there’s no need to hide,
I’m here for you with a steady hand,
As you complete the transition from a boy to a man…

Peace & Divine Guidance,
Che’ xoxo

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