So Confused

Everytime I think of a reason to walk away, I come up with 5 more reasons to stay…

I don’t know what to think; I know I need a very strong drink, this just doesn’t even seem real, I just don’t know how I should feel.

Should I stay or should I go? Can’t answer cuz I don’t know! It seems too soon to have caught feelings, especially with such limited dealings.

Is this fact or well crafted fiction? I’m so lost with no sense of direction.
‎​What to do, where to turn? Is there a lesson to be learned?

Maybe we just moved too fast, should we leave it in the past?
How can I possibly move forward, when my thoughts keep going backwards?

‎​What I see in you goes beyond the physical!
Its on a plane that’s moreso spiritual,
we somehow connected,
now should it be rejected?

I just can’t fathom that,
though it may be a fact,
versus any fiction,
please tell me your prediction.

I am oh so confused,
but don’t want to end up used,
tell me what can we do,
my head is clouded w thoughts of you.

Morning, noon and night,
trust me I’ve tried to fight,
and just flat out resist,
but I know that these feelings do exist.

So I am asking for your take,
on this decision we need to make,
Is this at all worth saving?
Or is this time that we’re wasting?

The ball is now in your court,
Let me know for what its worth,
If at all anything to you,
Should I continue to be your boo?

Che’ xoxo 7.28.10

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