People Watching

Ok so here we are again, with yet another episode in the continuing saga that is the life of bipolarboo…

I’m a very curious person…

I people watch… all the time. I am often seen but never heard. I sit back and watch people and their interactions…

A wise man once told me to think twice and act once (S/O to Big K) , so I tend to analyze and over analyze any & everything I do… people as well…

I often wonder what they’re thinking and feeling…

Is it just me?

When I see the frustrated looking mom with the 2 rambunctious toddlers at the grocery store, I often wonder if she ever thought it would be that hard, if in hindsight she’d have spaced them out farther or just not had 2 kids back to back at all?

When I see the seemingly over achieving career woman, I wonder if she has time for a social life, loved ones or if her career is the epicenter of her world. I wonder if she doesn’t have kids, if she ever will?

When I see the well maintained woman in head to toe top shelf designer clothing, I wonder is she really happy, what price she had to pay for her lifestyle, is her life as harmonious as it would appear, or was that a carefully crafted fairy tail designed to disguise some deep dark secrets?

When I see someone wearing something that I deem inappropriate either in size, style or age-wise, I wonder what their thought process was in selecting that particular outfit. Did they really think they looked good or was their decision influenced by another, did they suffer from low self esteem or were they just plain tacky?

When I see people who have the potential to look better, if only they’d put forth some effort.
Is it that they just don’t care, just don’t realize it or just don’t know how. I wonder if given the chance if they’d be receptive to the idea of a make over?

Its been said judge not lest ye be judged. But at some point or another we have all found ourselves judging another. Whenever you form an opinion of another, you are assuming a judgemental role.

This may not necessarily be a bad thing. It may very well be required to take action in a certain situation. At times an assessment is needed to arrive at a conclusion as to if you can or should offer assistance to someone in need for instance…

Which brings me back to my original point…

Sometimes you need to just sit back and observe…

Have you seen Will Smith’s Movie Seven Pounds?

I rest my case…

I will continue to be a people watcher…

Until I feel the need to rant again,

I’ll remain, hopelessly bipolar & loving it 🙂

Che’ xoxo

As Always, I remain hopelessly bipolar, Che’ xoxo
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3 thoughts on “People Watching

  1. Nice article if everybody observe people n try to mentally put emselfs in ppl shoes like u do the world might just be a better place

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