Ease the Pain

How do you find the strength to try,
When the one that once made you smile,
Is now the one that makes you cry?
The pain is radiating lasts for a while,
How can you ease the pain of a broken heart,
When Worlds collide etched in space,
Once star crossed lovers now torn apart,
Love is long gone, now hate has replaced,
Can anyone please just tell me,
Wherever do we go on from here?
Restore my sights so that I may see,
I feel so numb but I sense you’re near,
I close my eyes wishing you away,
Never come back, I want to shout,
Bring forth these words I need to say,
Spitting bile so bitter in my mouth,
Stop this nausea that’s on the rise,
Prayers for the child who now resides,
Tangled within its parents’ lies,
Shield the unborn that grows inside,
Save this innocent from the horrible truth,
Protection is being requested from the Arch Angel,
Guidance now or life will be moot,
Please help me to release this foothold…

As Always, I remain hopelessly bipolar, Che’ xoxo
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