No one wants feel misunderstood,
We’d prefer if it was all good,
Sometimes its just the price we pay,
for what we thought we heard you say…

Though it may be thru an unspoken word,
We make it seem like its something we’d heard,
It may be conveyed through your body language,
Pregnant pause, style of text or lack of verbiage…

Though not always easy to discern, with some focus you may learn.
While its easy to draw our own conclusion,
In each and every situation…

If ever there’s the slightest doubt,
There’s no need to even pout,
Simply ask if you need to know,
Build the trust so we can grow…

Don’t just make an assumption,
Because it is without connotation.

So from this very day forward,
I Promise to never get awkward,
We’ll take the time to build the trust,
That must exist between the both of us.

As Always, I remain hopelessly bipolar, Che’ xoxo


2 thoughts on “Misunderstood

  1. As with many others, I too have been misunderstood. Good intentions and efforts mistaken as motives, when it is just in my nature to be a people pleaser. Stuck in a zone that leaves me to ponder will me good deeds continue to drag me under.

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