Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer

Please Support the Newly Crowned,
Mr & Miss Twitter October 2010, @Dabeigeone & @SheGotCake
In their efforts to Raise Awareness & Support Breast Cancer Research!!!

Please join us in Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Research, by adding a #twibbon to your avatar now!

Much love & support to all survivors & their families…

Follow Mr.Twitter at @DaBeigeOne
Follow Miss. Twitter at @SheGotCake
Follow Contest Organizer at @BlogginJoe

Thank you for your continued support,
Da’Vvon & Che’ Anysia



5 thoughts on “Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer

  1. I hope I’m here. I didn’t even realize it was for breast cancer awareness. Since this is the case I vote for @barbaraduke she is a constant,she had reminded me that my grandmothers 5 sisters and her mother all passed away due to cancer(breast and other) my dad has lost his mom and dad,3 aunts to cancer(breast and other). Recently my sister n law had cancer removed from her breast and she’s going on 2 year free! I am cancer free before my back surgeries because cancer runs like water in my family I was given a complete examination. I do not share a lot of things about me I prefer to be private,share only what’s necessary.I’m only here to help others,support,laugh,cry(ugh not if possible) . I so enjoy making ppl laugh sometimes even I let loose on opinions,big fault,my dearest friend joeblogger (jake) if this is incorrect please place it where need be. Now that I know its for breast cancer awareness ill spread the word. Now I still think okcstormwatcher should get reconized,he alerts everyone about bad weather in their areas. And bjtunica deserves notice-she tries to get aid to ppl whom live at pineridge in dakotas. The American indians that are there are in dire need of clothes food school supplies medical aid help with the teen suicides there. Please give these ppl some praise! Lots of hugs and always prayers! May God go with you,SisterKatt

  2. Please support @EAwrite for her work to spread breast cancer prevention in every one of our non profit PR releases. Her grandmother died of the disease. She gives too much of her time w/o compensation to help nonprofits, mothers, women, children and education. Just ask any of eight nonprofits and two governments! Now you see why we support her so ardently! She deserves it.

    • Thank you ever so much for such a glowing recommendation! @EAwrites is to be commended for her efforts! Please know we appreciate everything you have done & will continue to support & awareness for breast Cancer.

      I will also post a copy of this nomination on The Twitter Royalty Contest’s Blog available at http://wp.me11yUD-4b.


  3. We vote for @EAwrite simply because she deserves it. She give freely of her time to help women, children, education and disease prevention in these two especially. She doesn’t get paid to do it either! Her grandmother died from the disease. If that weren’t enough just ask the nonprofits she’s helped! She’s beatiful inside and out or so many “Big Twitter names” wouldn’t be following her. She cares about people and quality more than getting 10,000 followers w/o taking the time to know them each! Sorry, didn’t mean to ramble but now you get why we’re so pulling for her. Just look at her profile page since she started. You’ll see for yourself. Thanks.

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