Okay folks its been a minute since I’ve been engulfed in a full blown bipolar episode…
But yall knew sooner rather than later it was coming.

So here’s the thing…

I don’t understand why whenever someone’s relationship falls apart they blame everyone but themselves?

Its funny how the internet has birthed a generation of superthugs; (queue Noreaga’s Super Thug) anyone with a keyboard and monitor can now be an E thug; typing terror, keyboard gangster! Oooohhhhh we’re so scared!

But when they see you and have the opportunity to air their grievances selective amnesia kicks in. That’s the fuckery I can’t rock with. Its like some seriously immature shit!
I have absolutely No respect for that childishness. None whatsoever.

Maybe if you focused more of your energy into making your relationship work and less on blaming everyone for everything that is amiss in your life you’d be way better off.

Maybe your man is looking for a woman that has something going for herself, that doesn’t complain about any & everything, that doesn’t focus on the negative aspects as opposed to the positive things.

Shit maybe he wants anything besides what he has… You.

There comes a time in life where we must be accountable for our actions; its called being an adult. Maybe we all should try it, sometime. We are all guilty of this to some extent, but don’t lie about your involvement in the fallout.

Accept your part and keep it moving.
If you are unhappy with yourself, how can you truly ever be happy with someone else?
Grow up & get a life.

That’s the best advice, I can offer to you at the time.

Only you are in control of your destiny
Not me, nor anyone else.
Only you can make yourself happy…
Or you can continue to be in denial and blame everyone else for your unhappiness…

The choice is yours…

Choose wisely


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