Congratulations to the Winners of the Twitter Royalty Contest,
Miss Twitter @SheGotCake,
Mrs Twitter @FollowTeamUSA,
Mr Twitter @DaBeigeOne.

Kudos to @SheGotCake & @DaBeigeOne on retaining their titles!
Congrats to @FollowTeamUSA on Snagging the coveted title of Mrs Twitter.

Congratulations to the Runners up & Contestants who mounted a fair and honest, smear free campaign.

Positivity works wonders!

Special mention to the Contest Coordinator & Judges as well.

An extra special mention to our followers who retweeted the flood of repetitive information on Breast Cancer Awareness.

If one life is saved by the information and awareness raised by the #Savethatatas & #ThinkPinkBCA Campaigns, we are all Winners!

Many thanks to everyone who has participated & supported this Campaign.

Much love and Support to all who have gone above and beyond to make this Campaign come to fruition.

In conclusion, October is the designated Breast Cancer Awareness Month, that doesn’t mean we should only raise awareness during this time.

Much Respect to you all,
Che’ xoxo


One thought on “Congratulations

  1. As a new author, I look forward to attending all book related events. Please keep me posted. Thank you. Loving the blog, so far.

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