So Many Questions

Where do u turn when the your sunshine turns to rain?
Who do u run to when your heart is filled with pain?
What must you do to restore a broken heart?
When do you begin to rebuild a world torn apart?
How can you tell when enough is enough?
What is the sign when the going gets too tough?
Can you answer these questions my friend?
How do you know when its truly the end?


One thought on “So Many Questions

  1. i have gone through that and who did not?
    i danced in the rain, in my tears actually
    i ran to Him
    i just picked up the broken parts
    and hopefully one day it will form a fresh one.
    enough is enough when i realized
    i so totally lost myself and got to look for it.
    hey, that self is valuable!
    the end of huhu is when you start to look for haha!
    blessings to you!

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