Think Of

If you only knew
What I think @ when I’m w u,
As I lay wrapped in your arms,
Feeling safe from all harm.

I think of the ways we might not have met,
Of the stress I ought to forget,
Of replacing them with thoughts of happiness,
Of reveling in our post coital Bliss.

I think of all of our plans for the future,
Of all the dreams, goals & love to nurture
Of all of our fun times together,
Of the love that we have 4 each other.

I think of all that we’ve been thru,
Of how happy I am to have found you,
Of the lengths ppl will go to keep us apart,
Of our unbreakable bond from the very start.

I think that this was meant to be,
Of what’s in store for our family,
Of us growing old together,
Of us never being asunder.

I think of these things as I drift off to sleep,
Of those moments I’ll forever keep,
Of the sacred place they hold in my heart,
Of a Love like this as a work of art.

I Love you 🙂
Che’ 4 Day xoxo


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