Reality Check

Ok so yall had to know this was coming…
This is yet another journey into my World, as distorted as it may be.
So here are a few things that’s been on my mind…

Some people need a Reality Check on Deck!

Twitter has sparked quite an epidemic by calling the people you associate with followers, its funny because only on Twitter would you find me “following” anyone.
I blaze my own trail, I honestly couldn’t nor wouldn’t give a rats ass about what most do on a daily basis, let alone to make small talk with some people who believe that they’re superior to others based on their follower counts.

Have you ever noticed that most tweeps with a high follower count will only respond to someone on their “level”?
If someone with less than 100 followers tries to interact with someone with say 1000 followers most will ignore them.

It amazes me how poorly some people treat others because they think they’ve hit some level of Superstardom on Twitter. Get the Fuck over yourself! You are still a nobody truth be told.

Most sit there and judge others, just as I’m doing now. Yes, I myself am guilty of it.
People type hella reckless shit but should they see that person face to face it’d be a completely different story. Yes yall, ethuggin at its finest.

Yall need to be careful about the shit you say online it may come back to haunt that ass later on. When you get defensive and hurl abuses & insults it makes you look guilty, even if you aren’t.

Let Common sense be your guide. But as we all know common sense aint so common, now is it? I’ve learned alot in my time on this earth, been thru shit that’d put some Urban Lit Novel Scenarios to shame, were it not for my ability to quickly access the situation & make rapid fire decisions & the grace of the Almighty I wouldn’t be here now.

That being said some people let their emotions get the best of them only because they believe they’ll ever see whomever they’re mouthing off to, face to face. SMFH

I bet if you thought that mafucker would cave ya face in you’d be easy with the slickness.
And what’s with these guys arguing with these chicks online like that’s the in thing?
I look at these bitchass niggas *(ignorant ass fucks*) like, what the fuck is up with you?
It looks so stupid to see some big burly ass beast disrespecting the shit out of a female that gave him no play.

More than once I’ve had some idiot try to come at me sideways. I don’t engage the fuckery. No I don’t. Not even with these bitches. Nope not me. You will not goad me into an argument over anything. Its too easy to match wits with an idiot. Let’s don’t & say we didn’t. 😉 #Blocked

What we fail to realize is that some people have no lives. The internet has birthed a genre of bitches (unisex) that the only place they at all feel relevant is in a social media forum. Their “voices” are “heard”, they may get their insult or attempt at one, retweeted or get an “lol or lmao” and they think their stock has suddenly soared. Simple fucks. Its hilarious really.

They feel validated when they violate someone. All some know how to do is tear shit down. Why not try to edify someone? Its Build or Destroy.
Ever wonder why some chose the latter?
Its quite simple actually, they have nothing going for themselves. No lives or perhaps one of little substance.#KnowledgeOfSelf

They are nothing more than bullies.
I’ve seen people delete their accounts because of this shit. Have we nothing better to do?
How about the losers that will follow you just to see what you and someone else are tweeting about? On some secret squirrel type shit? Fuck outta here yo we see you.#YouAintLow

Or better yet what about the bitches (unisex) that’ll follow you and try to befriend you because they have interest in the person you’re in a relationship with? How wack is that? Grow up & get a life!
I have neither the energy nor patience to play along with the lame ass mudduck games. #Blocked

Or the bitches (unisex) who subtweet about others? They sit and watch your timeline and make snide comments about what you’ve tweeted. Why not let it be know who you’re talking about? Jealous much? #PunkAssBitches

I think my favorite type of bitches (unisex) are the ones who promote themselves as smuts then wonder why they get disrespected so often. When you make comments like I’ll fuck ya man if I feel like it or I’ll fuck the whole team, why would you expect to be respected? Are you not opening the door of disrespect by disrespecting yourself?

Now everything you think or feel shouldn’t necessarily be voiced; it could easily be misconstrued. But if you say you’ll fuck the whole team, I’d venture to say you are indeed a smut. I’m just saying. Who am I to judge your smutty ass? Trust me I’ve never claimed to be a saint, but if you’re giving me the ammunition, well you know where I’m heading with this…
Act like a Smut get treated like one…

So why not act like someone positive? Who wouldn’t want to be treated like a respectable person? You can be outspoken; within reason.

If you voiced everything you felt like if some 1 pissed you off and you tweeted ” I m gonna murder tweetybird” then the fucker was found dead, um they’re gonna be lookin at your dumb ass.

I know freedom of speech & all that, but it can come back to convict your ass, you can’t say I didn’t mean it like that. They will take it literally. Think twice act once.
Most of you couldn’t bust a grape in a fuckin fruit fight. Yall be done got stupid w the wrong mafucker and not live to regret it.

Who is gonna take care of your kids & shit? Now society is left to sort it out.
Shit really isn’t that serious. Yall need to stop being keyboard gangsters nshit.
If someone really wants to find you believe me it isn’t that hard. At all. Even if you live in a different state. #WordsOfWisdom #Wow

Shit can get thick mad fuckin quick, know that.
Just because you don’t get confronted doesn’t mean it went undetected nor that anyone is afraid. Fear doesn’t live everywhere.#KnowThat

So in closing I’ll say,
Live, Love, Laugh & Learn 😉
I remain hopelessly bipolar & loving it,
Che’ aka Mrs B 😉


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