Love like this

Often times, I think to myself,
Am I really me or am I some1 else,
Only with you, do I truly feel whole;
Maybe its the way you peer into my soul.

Of all the things in this life I may face,
You quell the storm of my quickened pace,
You make my Sunshines seem so much brighter
And make my burdens seem so much lighter.

You ease my fears when things go wrong,
You give me the will to become strong,
Many may think I’m simply a fool,
I’ll Never obey anyone else’s rule.

Once was blind but now I see,
That you & I were meant to be,
I threw the pass I knew you would catch;
Thank you lord, I’ve now found my match.

You make my gray skies blue,
On days when I’m don’t know what to do,
You help me see things from a new perspective,
You help me to keep my views objective.

We’ve been through the fire & back,
Balls to the wall prepared to attack,
Insurmountable joy I can’t explain,
How you shelter me from the rain

No one can destroy the joy that we feel,
No second guessing if this is real,
Our love can weather many a storm,
Unheard of cuz its not the norm.


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