Bipolarboo Relationship 101

Ok Folks here we are again! Time for another bout on my bipolar roller caster!

So todays #TT on twitter is#WhyRelationshipsDontLast
I just couldn’t let this one pass by with out riding it till the fuckin wheels fell off!

Here’s my version of #WhyRelationshipsDontLast

Most relationships start off good everyone is on their best behavior nshit! #redflag

Not me! I’m myself. I will show my ass if the need arises. See I don’t believe in duping anyone, you will get to know me & decide if I’m something you can handle.
Trust me I’m a fulltime job with overtime!

I say what’s on my mind but I do have couth.
Unlike most outspoken females I do know that there’s a time & place for everything!

I can be crass at times. I can be very ladylike.
Yeah that’s me; very versatile…

My take on most situations are not that of most people, I operate on a Call it like I see it type system… #BrutalHonesty

Win, lose or draw. I’m not afraid to admit when I’m at fault!

What most fail to realize is that the decision you made yesterday may not be applicable for the situation at hand today. Its okay to change your mind, but let your partner know!

I always say love me enough to leave me.
Be the strength I need, maybe I want to leave but I’m too weak, so love me enough to know that if its not working out that its time to go our separate ways!

Never stay long enough to have love turn to hate. Know when enough is enough. If needs are not being met & we’ve tried to rectify it to no avail, separation would be best!

When you are strong enough to walk away who knows you maybe able to have something meaningful down the line!

Allowing others to get in between you & your mate. We all need a sounding board at times but having everyone involved in your business is not the business!

Taking advice from the single “I don’t need nobody”. (I can’t keep ’em) crowd is not advisable.

Misery loves company, decline that and an future invitations they my have #nobueno!

Pick up on queues on when to fall back, play your position!

Good Sex does NOT equal a Relationship!

Bad Sex (((#GTFOH)))

Don’t be afraid to try new things!
Keep it Hott!
Bring your A Game!
Don’t become complacent!
Keep an open mind!
Be willing to compromise!
Don’t be a fool for Love!

Love doesn’t have to hurt!

If you forgive, you don’t have to forget, just stop bringing it up everytime you breathe!

What you did to get them is what must be maintained if not upgraded to keep them!

Sometimes you gotta be the Boo, rather than the Wife πŸ˜‰ #KnowThaRoles!

Be Supportive!

What you won’t do trust another will. πŸ˜‰

Where there’s good there’s always better but all that glitters isn’t gold!

Always Keep it real!
Keep em coming back for more πŸ˜‰
Be a work in progress!
#Evolution Baby!

Lmao! This is just MY Take, Not tha GOSPEL!
HMU anytime @bipolarboo


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