Tha Realist Shit

This has got to be tha realist shit I ever wrote on some real live shit.

Its simply amazing to me the lengths some people will go to sometimes.

If you feel so strongly about something someone has done to you why would you not bring it to them? I would get no sense of satisfaction by making subliminal comments about someone I feel has wronged me, on tha contrary, I’d want you to know that I did it, if I were to be taking a vindictive approach to tha matter.

On a daily basis I see comments that could be about me; but do I care? Certainly not, because if its not directed, its not respected.

Obviously tha person(s) posting these comments are not adult enough to address such matters in an appropriate manner.

I guess everyone’s level of maturity isn’t the same.

I’ve had females follow me on Twitter and try to initiate “friendships” with me, based on the fact they have or once had a romantic interest in the person I’m with now.

What does that have to do with me?
Like seriously? What could you possibly tell me that you think I don’t already know? You’re just making yourself look stupid mamaz, for real.

Mad thirsty nshit; Retweeting my tweets & coming on to me extra strong nshit. All the while hanging onto his Nutsac & shit #GTFOH! You’re NOT OUR type! LMMFAO

I treat people based on their own merits. Everyone has a past.

Often times someone gives these chicks some conversation & automatically its construed as a relationship. Even if you’ve had sex that isn’t a relationship. Too many of you females will put out for a good looking dude thinking that you’ll become his wife. Sorry luv that just isn’t wife behavior nor material.

There’s a Big difference between a Wife & a Wifey. Know the difference.

Now if you go into it knowing its just sex then that’s great, but don’t confuse sex & love, they aren’t one & the same.

If you ‘re a jumpoff, play your position, know there are no advancement possibilities.
Lust & love aren’t tha same.

What plans for tha future have you two made? What steps have been taken towards building a future together? Anything involving sex isn’t included, that’s just fuckin pillowtalk, literally.

Its amazing tha amount of bitter women that spew their venom, because a dude allegedly “did them dirty.” Ma you need to be mad at yourself. 9 out of 10 times you played yourself.

Good sex doesn’t equal love. Period. Point blank. Just because a dude loves fuckin’ you doesn’t mean he loves you. Loving your Pussy doesn’t mean he loves you. You got caught up. Now that reality smacks you in tha face you want to get mad & throw tantrums nshit.

Now before you get your panties in a bunch, we have all been lied to & played, just as we’ve played others ourselves. We’re NOT Saints! Tha best of us has, present company included. But a lot of times there were signs, clear cut signs as to who or what you were / are dealing with.

I refuse to believe that someone just did a complete 360! Say you were so caught up you didn’t pay attention to it, I’ll respect that.

Tha problem is we think we can change them. When someone shows you who they are believe them. Tha first time.

Sometimes we just move too fast. We are so desperate to be loved we never take the time to love ourselves enough to know what love truly is. It may seem like fuckery but that’s some real ass shit! We’ve all been there.

Stop being tha victim! Know what you’re worth! Stop accepting anything from anyone.
Don’t force a Circle into a square! If it isn’t working let it go! Many of us hold onto a relationship way past its expiration date.

Love someone enough to leave them, better yet love yourself enough to leave. Never stay in something that isn’t good; long enough for love to turn into hate. You know in your heart of hearts when its over; why prolong the inevitable?

Then when tha shit hits the fan you wanna be messy. That is so tacky! But most of you at that point are so hurt you just want to hurt them. Hurt people; hurt people.

But know that Karma is real. What goes around will come back around. We’ve all mishandled situations & have hurt someone whether intentionally or inadvertently.

Lies hurt; so does the truth,
So tell me tha truth so I can move past it & begin to heal. When you lie, its hurts. I’ll be hurt twice because its gonna hurt when tha truth comes out & eventually it will.
Don’t take my options away. Let me make an informed decision.

I don’t deal with Messy shit. Anyone who has ever been adult enough to step to me on some real shit can tell you, I’m not on that petty shit. We can discuss it as adults; chances are we won’t see eye to eye but we’ll have the cards on tha table.

Everyone can’t & won’t relate to you in tha same manner. Tha way one dude will treat you may not be how he’ll treat me. One may be treated like trash; tha other as a treasure. You just never know.

Its hilarious to me how a female will say that she doesn’t trust “her” man but will have unprotected sex with him. That just goes to show how little you think of yourself. If you mistreat yourself is there any wonder why he treats you the way he does? Not saying he should mistreat you but you are essentially saying you’re okay with what he’s doing.

So I say to you, being messy & airing your dirty laundry just highlights tha fact that you’re a messy chick & even if a dude of some caliber were to have an interest in you, he’ll be hesitant to engage. & invest time in you for fear of having to deal with your messiness & baggage.

Think twice & act once.
You only have one time to make a first impression.
Make it count!

Until I feel tha need to spazz again I’m out!
And for tha inquiring minds that wanna know we’re still on & poppin!
You aint read BBM freak? Lmmfao! #YeahISaidIt


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