Happy New Year 2011! I’d like to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year 2011! May you be blessed with your heart’s desires this year!

Every New Year most people create New Year’s Resolutions that typically last on average one week to a month.

They start off with the very best of intentions: to get fit; drop bad habits; eat better; workout more etc…

More often than not all of these great intentions fall by the wayside only to be replaced by a startling dose of reality.

I usually don’t have a New Year’s Resolution.
This Year is No different.
Rather than see it as a resolution; which can easily be discarded, my resolve is to get back to me.

To know myself, get back to me & be the best me that I can possibly be.

That’s definitely something I can do! Everyone benefits from it as well.
What better way to give back than by bettering ones’ self?

I’m not gonna look at it as a new me. No, not at all. This is the me I’ve always been. There are just facets of me most aren’t privy to.
As multi faceted as I am, most don’t know an iota of who Che’ is. Present company included.

So as I embark into the Journey, I invite you to take this walk with me.
Its guaranteed to be very insightful.
Come aboard the bipolar roller coaster, that is my life!

All aboard!!!

Best wishes to you & yours,


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