Be Grateful

Good Morning World! This Morning finds me reflecting on all that I am grateful for. I am grateful for life & love, grateful for the chance to have the opportunity to make it right.

Things may not always be as we’d like it to be, but we have the opportunity to make the decisions necessary to bring about the changes we desire. Now our hearts desires may not be what is right for us.

Remember God don’t bless no mess!
What’s for you is FOR YOU, believe that!
Sometimes the best decision may not always be right nor beneficial to you.

I sometimes have to remind myself that it isn’t always about getting my way, a lot of times the right decision doesn’t always feel so right! But in the end, knowing that the right decision had been made makes everything so much better.

Be grateful for what you have, things can always be worse. Someone always has it worse than you do, remember that, for what its worth. Appreciate the small mercies afforded to you…

Be above all things, grateful.
Be blessed & find favor in all you do.

Che’ xoxo


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