So today I didn’t post as early as I usually do. I spent my day enjoying life, getting back to myself.
I had spent the day with a close friend of mine, who I hadn’t had much time for lately.
Sometimes life gets in the way.

We had so much fun! Though we hadn’t hung out in a very long time, we reconnected on so many levels. I hadn’t had that much fun in a long time!

Sometimes we lose track of what’s really important.
Friends come and go throughout our lifetimes, but a True friend will be there regardless of how much time has elapsed.

In today’s busy society where everyone is moving at such an accelerated pace, sometimes we need to merge into the right lane and slow down.

Take time to stop & smell the Roses. Reconnect with those that we may have lost touch with. It doesn’t take much. Spending time with friends & loved ones can work wonders!

Make time for those that matter most.
Slowing down sometimes allows us to see what we’ve been missing. Its of utmost importance to cherish your friendships.

There are however times that you need to let certain “friends” go. Know who & what are positive influences on your life. Some “friendships” are too toxic to hold onto.

To everyone I’ve been neglecting, please accept my apologies! I’m on my way back!
Don’t hold it against me :*

So to you I say, Life, Laugh, Love & Learn!
Peace & Divine Guidance,


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