Let Go

GM World!
Today finds me in a very reflective state. Today is a new day, filled with new opportunities.
Sometimes in order to be able to receive a blessing we must first make room for it.

Out with the old in with new. First in, first out. Hot stuff is best served hot, cold stuff cold. Its about maintaining, keeping it regulated. If these basic principles aren’t observed, the product will not be at its best.

Likewise a relationship of any kind. In life everything has an expiration date. Shelf life on certain products aren’t guaranteed beyond a certain period. As much as we’d like to believe that things can last forever; alas it can’t.

Never waste your time with someone who sees you as you were; instead of as you are now, if they can’t let go of the past, you need to let go of them. You can’t move forward if you’re being held back.

Sometimes the truest test of ones strength lies not within the holding on, but rather in the letting go. Open your self to greater possibilities. Isolate & detoxify.
Clear out the clutter. Leave the baggage at the curb.

Your blessing awaits you…

Much love & respect,
Live, Laugh, Love & Learn,
Che’ xoxo


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