I’ve never understood why most go thru as much as they do in relationships of any sort.
They’ll go back & forth arguing about the dumbest shit. I don’t engage in arguments, for the most part. I avoid them as much as possible.

There are two Choices available at all times.
Believe it or Not! Simple Math. I’m not going to
Sit there pleading my case when you aren’t willing to listen. Nor am I big into wasting time dwelling on things that are unimportant or irrelevant.

Don’t get me wrong, its not that I think that your feelings aren’t valid, its just that once I’ve told you what it is, I’m not going to keep rehashing it. That’s always been me.
Take it or leave it.

If you believe me, let it go. Vice versa.
Don’t bring it up every time you get upset.
That shit is tiresome!
Leave the past behind.

There’s no way to move forward, if baggage is weighing you down & holding you back!
Free yourself! Shrug off what’s hindering your growth.

If you don’t know me by now, I guess you never will. There isn’t much I can’t get past.
Once the trust is gone you’ll never get it back.
So to you I say, believe me or leave me.

Love me enough to leave me,
Most don’t understand that rhetoric,
Maybe in time you will.
Don’t waste too much time trying to decipher me…

Think twice, act once…

The Choice is yours! Chose Wisely…

Living, Laughing, Loving & Learning,
Still Smiling & Shining, Regardless
Che’ xoxo

I’ll remain hopelessly bipolar,
Che’ xoxo


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