GM All!

True happiness comes from within. It doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is perfect.
It means that you are working with the cards you’ve been dealt and making the best of it.

Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, appreciate what’s not.

Be content with what you have; you could always have less. Treat others with respect. Take nothing & no one for granted.
Be grateful for the blessings you’ve been given.

Nothing in life is promised, in the blink of an eye it can all be taken away.
Appreciate the simple things, because ultimately they bring you Joy.

Never took to someone else to bring you Happiness. They may enrich your life thereby increasing your joy, but never look to another to be the sole supply of your happiness.

Never look to material possessions to bring you happiness. Don’t get me wrong they can definitely bolster your spirits but unless you are happy within, that will only be a fleeting feeling.

If you aren’t happy within, the sudden onset of euphoria you experience when something good happens will dissipate leaving you bereft.

If you aren’t happy with yourself how can you be happy with another?
Unless you know what it is to truly be Happy, you’ll always be in search of something more…

What makes you happy? What’s your passion?

Happiness is a choice.

So to you I say, find out what your definition of happiness is. Figure out how you can attain & maintain it.

My definition of Happiness is to have love, respect, health & spiritual wealth.

Good luck in finding your Happy Place šŸ™‚
Much Love, Respect, Health, Wealth & Success,
Che’ xoxo

I’ll remain hopelessly bipolar,
Che’ xoxo


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