GM All!

“Peace is the absence of Confusion.”
Czar Love

Today I feel an overwhelming sense of Peace.
I was going thru something, I cried for hours on end, not thinking I’d ever stop.

Then I began praying. I asked that I be relieved of the hurt & pain. I asked to be shown the way, that if I had made the right decision that I could know. At times we make decisions and then second guess it, that’s where I was.

The inspiration came to me that, in time I’d know but in my heart of hearts I knew that I had done what needed to be.
At times we are faced with very painful decisions, though we are often reluctant to make them we know for our sanity & well being they must be made.

Its just that we know it will bring much pain and so we delay the inevitable for as long as possible. Well there wasn’t anymore stall tactics that could be made. The list had been exhausted.

Now that the deed had been done, the realization had finally set in and the flood gates were opened. In a matter of hours my tear ducts were on strike, it seemed like I had cried for 40 days & nights.

Then I did what I should have done in the beginning. I prayed on it.
I’m not sure why the right decision always seems to be the hardest to make?

Though I don’t expect these feelings to dissipate overnight, I feel so much calmer than I did whilst in the eye of the storm yesterday.
I look forward to a much milder forecast in the very near future.

Prayer changes things. You should try it.
It works wonders!

When you give it to God, Allow him to steer the Ship. Don’t Micro manage it. Let Go & Let God.

I hope this day finds you all in great health & spirits!

May you find favor at every juncture,
Be Blessed,
Che’ xoxo

I’ll remain hopelessly bipolar,
Che’ xoxo


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