GM All,
I hope this day finds you in a health & happy state of mind.

Have you ever heard of a situation that caused you to have very strong feelings as much as if it directly related to you even though it didn’t?

That’s human nature. We do this and begin to project, all the what ifs, they need to etc.
We think I’d be so happy, or they aren’t happy enough, or that’s not the reaction I’d have if that happened to me.

Its not you. Its easy for us to say what we would do if we were in someone else’s shoes.
Easier said than done. There’s so much that that’s factored into the equation.

Its always easier to picture yourself in someone else’s shoes. The grass more often than not seems greener on the other side.
Chances are its not.

You don’t know what you’d do because it hasn’t happened to you. You may or may not have the same reaction, maybe you’d have handled it better, who knows.

We are very judgmental of others. Present company included. Whether we’d readily admit it or not we are.
Here’s a thought, until you’ve walked in another’s Shoes, don’t be so quick to assign blame.

So til it happens to you, protect your glass house 😉

I’ll remain hopelessly bipolar,
Che’ xoxo


One thought on “Judging

  1. Miss Bipolar,

    you are right in many ways and yes I can also be included in the company of judging others.

    However do you not feel that the issue of bipolar is the issue of a maybe!
    The killer of the mind is the maybe, stuck in it you can’t decide yes or not.
    Isn’t it like this, to become a blogger and say my mind is good.
    On second thoughts becoming a blogger is not good because people find out about me.
    On another thought becoming a blogger is good because people need to know….
    on another another thought it is not good because…

    The problem is as strange as it may seem that no matter which way we decide to go it is no good.
    Turning and turning we find we have landed back at the beginning of time or perhaps never left the place.

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