Author Allison “Essence M’ Edwards

Meet Allison Edwards aka “Essence M”. The beautiful brain behind Illuminnessence Publishing, founded in 2007 by this avid writer who began her love affair with words at a tender age.

Allison’s passion for words began in early childhood, she had always been fond of reading about life, love, poetry and short stories.
Throughout her teen & young adult years she decided to put pen to paper and indulge one of her fantasies, to become a writer.

Allison went on to create an extensive catalog of unpublished works including poetry & short stories.
As she matured, she challenged herself to hone her craft, exploring various story lines and navigating into the tumultuous world of adult relationships.

It is with that unwavering tenacity that we’ve arrived at this point.

Allison’s first venture into self publication “Broken Promises Never Mend” became available on Illuminnessence Publishing in 2010.
It was released on for Kindle, as of June 2010.

An amended version of which was released June 2010, which features a new cover.

The sizzling sequel “Bound By Lies” will become available on for Kindle, February 2011

Allison is currently focused on a collection of other works slated for release in 2011, under her imprint “Illuminnessence Publishing.”

Broken Promises Never Mend

Tamika Adams believes in Happily Ever After and thought she found her Prince Charming…. Quincy Thompson. Sadly her dream come true turns into a nightmare when she discovers that he’s not all that he appears to be. During the course of their relationship they encounter secrets from his past that threaten their future and leads them to experience a betrayal that sacrifices more than their love for one another….

Bound By Lies

Tamika and Quincy are at it again but this time the tables have turned and its Quincy wondering who he fell in love with. Tamika’s past comes back to haunt them in a wicked way and gives new light to ” you never know who a person really is”. Will love conquer all? Or will Tamika and Quincy’s quest for a happy ending finally cease?!

Find out in this sizzling sequel filled with sex, suspense and secrets!!

“Looking for drama, mystery & suspense? Allison “Essence M” Edwards delivers just that, hold on to your seat for this rocky ride.”
La Shonda DeVaughn, Author of A Hood Chick’s Story pt I & II

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I’ll remain hopelessly bipolar,
Che’ xoxo


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