Trini Pick Up Lines

Trini pick up lines:
(*) Gyul yuh have more form dan a secondary school
(*) Yuh like a barb wire fence, ah cyah get ova yuh
(*) You is de dhal in my dhalpourie, without you, I sada
(*) Yuh lookin like a lobster, all de meat in yuh tail
(*) Of all my sugars you’re the most granulated
(*) Baby yuh like a table, ah jus wa ress sumting on yuh
(*) Yuh fadda is ah terrorist cuz you is de bomb
(*) My name is Doug. Tha’s ‘god’ spell backwards wit ‘u’ in de middle
(*) Meh love for yuh like diarrhea, ah jus cyah hol it in
(*) Gyul yuh parents hadda be retarded cuz yuh special
(*) Ah hope yuh come wit ah library card cuz ah checkin yuh out
(*) Yuh fadda does cut cane? How yuh sweet so?
(*) Family yuh look fine, yuh does only eat tin food or wha?

Allyuh Trini Nuh Ez Nah Man!

I’ll remain hopelessly bipolar,
Che’ xoxo


20 thoughts on “Trini Pick Up Lines

    • your eyes sparkle like a dew drop on a bhagi leaf in the morning lolol

      gyal to me u is like orchard.. a perfectly natural choice

  1. Aye gyal u does put de ‘x’ in my crix cuz wit out u I does Cry……Gyal u like a tin ah condese milk Short an Sweet….Bodow!!!!!

  2. lmao…. trini tuh d bone…. take in this one…..
    “baby i wah yuh name, yuh numba and 4 bubs tuh call yuh”

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